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Apr. 4th, 2011

I hope your wallets enjoyed your 2 day mini break...I never signed on Friday as planned, but late Saturday night I got right back into using the bitches in my stable.

L8000 has been stepping it up lately... sending $160 in tributes, then I helped myself to $115 of wishlist presents.

Piggy M stopped by to say hello and I made him spend $75 on Amazon.

1HB sat at my feet all night like a loyal pet and of course paid his nightly $50 tribute.

Tara Sissy stopped by to tell me he wasn't in the mood to practice his sucking.  He doesn't get a say, so I made him take picture proof with his new lifelike dildo while I took $50 from him.

Bitch Leroy has been doing a lot of wish list shopping and sucking lately, putting on his panties and practicing every night on the dildo I made him buy.  Tonight  we used his card and shopped for panties..for him.

Loser Mark called from the parking lot of CVS while his wife was inside shopping... I love how addicted you boys are and will sneak a call any chance you get.

DCD Sissy gets so weak for my cleavage.  He easily handed over $285 while staring at my pics and YouTube videos. 
UKG is  another who is helpless when it comes to my cleavage... he ended up sending $50 in tributes just because:)

$lave P decided to join in on the TV fun...I quickly took $100 from him.  He came back a little later for Round 2 where I took another $100 :)

Wish list presents from this weekend...



Apr. 5th, 2011 11:48 am (UTC)
Thank you for acknowledging my efforts for a second time, Princess :)

I am so proud to see Zumba Fitness amongst all your recent gifts.

I hope I wasn't too much of a scared wuss when you were rummaging around my harddrive on TeamViewer!