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Sissy Timmy called and I couldn't help but laugh at him for over an hour as we read some emails to his ex-girlfriend from the guy she was cheating on him with.  Besides the fact that the guy couldn't spell, he just came off as a big tool.  I told Timmy it should make him feel like an even bigger loser knowing that he was cheated on with a loser.

DZ Bitch... I couldn't pick just one favorite pic...
edit: PAID

Cummy Tummy Scott couldn't fight his need for more of my abuse.  Shortly into the call, I had him sending a $100 tribute and begging me to raise the rate.

Smoking, Holding, Stroking Marc was back to feed his addition.  It feels so good to give to me.

Chicago Mikey was back to talk about all the blackmail info I have to show his ex Pam.

As usual, you boys are helpless against the power of my cleavage... I collected lots of tributes from Tim W, Brandon, and Tony.

More T.V. fun..taking more money and gifts from bitch Leroy, L8000, and Layton.
Presents from bitch Leroy, L8000, and Piggy M, and Layton


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Apr. 9th, 2011 01:29 am (UTC)
for my third mention in your blog, Princess :)

pleased to be of continued service ;)


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