belladaisy22xo (belladaisy22xo) wrote,

I have a fairly new caller I haven't mentioned before.  He's a sissy panty boy who called me a couple weeks ago. He told me he's been looking at my listings for months, but finally got the courage to call;)  I'll call him  "sissy-subbie".  He bought some of the pics offered on my listings, so I sent him a message telling him to put on his panties and call.  He said he couldn't because he had an exam in the morning and had a lot of studying to do. 

Around 9:30pm I sent him a

$50 pay-to-view mail titled: Time for a Pretty in Pink study break.

SS:you have taken control of me so easily...taking me away from my studies and taking my money...

 So he put on his pink ruffled panties and called.

 Then he bought my Loser Assignment #2.

 SissySubbie has a tiny lil dick... it's almost 4 inches.  I sent him a

$40 pay-to-view titled: $10 per inch...

-aren't you glad ...
you have such a tiny dick??? hahahaaa

SS:I'm lucky i'm not any bigger...

Then I asked him..if you could have any size dick - what would it be?

SS said he'd like to be 7 inches.

So I sent him another email...

$70 pay-to-view mail: Well not that lucky
-YOU'll  never be 7 inches!!!!   yet -- you still have to pay per inch!!

SS: I suppose I should pay you for my dream dick too...

He had on his pretty red lipstick and pink panties and he said when he tucks his lil dick back he looks like such a sexy girl.

$50 pay-to-view: No need to tuck
-even when it's hard... there's not much showing        is there??;) ;)
SS: yes it disappears pretty easily in my panties

$50 pay-to-view: almost time to get back to
-your studies...
ALMOST... stroke it faster.
SS: you're too good to addicted so quickly...

$50 pay-to-view: Cum Fee!
-little dick panty boys have to PAY to cum!!
SS: thanks for allowing me to pay to cum...

It was around 11pm and I was bored with him, so he paid the $70 "pay my cell phone bill" tribute button on my listings.
SS: I'm such a little dicked sissy loser.  I pay your cell phone bill so you will pay attention to me...

11:45pm  Mikey called my Cam line and we had a fun chat for about an hour.
Around 1am UK Matt called and sent a $70 tribute.  I'm sure he planned on talking about the blackmail fantasies we always play around with, but we some how got on the subject of how I have to pay taxes on everything I earn on NiteFlirt and some ideas about how I can invest my $$$.  Normally people whould pay him for financial advice, yet he ended up paying ME!  :)

1HotBoy woke up around 2:30am and called...  he wanted to make sure he sent his nightly $50 tribute before I signed off for the night.  He's such a good pussy boy;)


Tuesday night....

jrKevin called (the lil dick guy who lives with his ex and her new boyfriend)   
He said they were out Christmas shopping, so he had about a half hour to chat with me.  I asked if he thought they would buy him presents.  He said he didn't know, but he knew he had to buy the new bf some kind of Scottish whip thing -- which would be used on Kevin.    He's still in the CB2000.  He's been it it for almost 2 months now... getting out of it for a short while will be his Christmas present next week.

I had a new caller last night.  He'd love to worship my black leather boots.    He has a latex fetish and sent me a pic of him covered from head to toe in a black latex cat suit, his head and face were completely covered except his eyes and mouth.
He's begging me to let him buy me a leather outfit to wear on cam for him.  He'd love for me to let him come clean my house from top to bottom in his latex outfit, but I'd make him put a French Maid outfit on top of it, which black platform heels!
We ended up talking from 11:40pm till 3:07am:)

While I was talking with mr. latex  SissySubbie was waiting all night to talk to me...
He decided to send me another $40 - to pay per inch again...without me even asking LOL
Your listing says busy, so I can only assume you're still around.  Hoping this might get you to turn a little of your attention towards me...

Then he bought my $9 Santa Video

Then he sent a $70 tribute with this email:
Might this let me see you tonight?  I have to admit that I've been drinking....though that might make me a bit more pliable to your whims.

**I was having problems with my cable modem going on and off  - so I wasn't taking cam calls Tuesday night.**

Around 3:30am he sent another $70 (pay my cell phone bill tribute)

I told him to get the tape measure and measure his tiny dick again.
He said it was about 3 and 3/4...  so I sent him another pay to view....

$37.50 pay-to-view mail:
Ooops I over charged...
-not even 4 full inches!!

Around 4:30 this morning I was finally able to get online... so he called my Cam listing.
At 4:45 he paid the $50 "pay for my night out with the girls" tribute button while we talked.

He bought 2 more pic emails from my listings, but wanted more.
So I found 2 pics on my computer and charged him $20 for them:)

He was on his webcam too... dancing around in his ruffle panties when I told him to entertain me.  He put on more lipgloss and got his dildo.  He put it next to his...  it was a 6 incher, but looked HUGE next to his thin little less than 4 inch dickie.
He showed me what a good cock sucker he really is....  he was deep throating like the true sissy slut he is.

Then he got back to his computer and I asked what he was doing... he said checking for new mail.
So I sent him a
$50 pay-to-view:
Well here's something for ya....
-yay! new mail!

He asked about my Amazon wish list and what he could buy me.  After looking over it  he said, oh you only have 1 page to pick from?  I said yes, but that's because I already have 11 pages of stuff already purchased for me:)  He said he had to be part of the group who spoils me with presents and asked me what I wanted.  I said - well you can get me the under cabinet cd player for my kitchen.  He said... ok  when should I buy it.  I said you can get it now if ya want.  He said really, so  I can get it later?  
lol  he's so silly...  So lil dick... that means go buy it NOW!     which of course he did...   funny thing is - he complained around paying for shipping.   I laughed..  I said I've taken hundreds from you tonight... and SHIPPING is where you draw the line?   lol go buy the radio!

He asked how much he spent on me in the past couple weeks...  I told him I wasn't sure exactly how much he spent (((because NiteFlirt takes 40% of everything I make)))  but so far I actually got paid $920. from him.  He asked if that was enough?...  I said no - we definately have to get over $1,000 tonight.  Even though I knew we'd easily go over that with the long call we were on.. I still made him send tributes.
He asked how much...  I told him to surprise me:)

At 6am he sent another tribute...this time for $101.
to keep you around so i can beg for more...

that was smart of him, because by 6am - I was sooo ready for bed.  His $ only kept me excited for a little while though because I was really tired...  so 10 minutes later he sent another tribute...
$120 tribute  SS:
a little more this time? i am yours to have your way with... 

We kept chatting for a while... and he kept entertaining me with his sissy ways....but it was almost 7am and I had things to do today.... so....
at 6:50am I sent him one last email before we got off the phone.
$100 pay-to-view mail: Did I ever tell you
-just how much I enjoy taking your money?? 
SS: Thanks again for a wonderful night (morning).  I love being your little toy/wallet and getting emails from you in anticipation to the next time we speak...

It's 9:30 Wed. night and as I'm just about to click "save" on this journal entry, I got an email from sissysubbie:

SS: i just wanted to thank You for taking my money last night.  i love the way You tease me and i love pleasing You in any way i can. 

I sent him a reply:
$10 pay-to-view: Hey good timing...
- I just finished writing about you in my journal ;)

SS: lucky me...I'll have to read it!



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