belladaisy22xo (belladaisy22xo) wrote,

I love those Thousand Dollar Days.. and last night you boys went well over that;) 
What makes it even better is I've been denying you all cam for a little while now, yet making more than ever.   I've been training my bitches to expect less and give more...and you have!

My night started out with a simple phone call from a new guy I'll be calling "Hollywood"...    He had already been "partying" a bit before he called and all he wanted to talk about was giving me large sums of money.  The more he hit the pipe, the more personal info he wanted to tell me.  After verifying that he was who he claimed to be, I decided he needed to pay more and I raised the rate on him.  He kept saying he wanted to pay off my car loan which I still owe about 18 or 19 grand on.  He also kept giving me his checking account info and asked me to call the bank and pay $18,000, but I wasn't interested.  Instead I decided to jack it up to $7/min and see how long he could hang.  Well it definitely wasn't 18 Grand, but I was happy with a fairly quick $600.    He's already called back tonight for Round 2 ...we'll see where it goes.
*You guys love to give me your bank account #'s...  I don't want them.. I want tributes!

ScottD was back last night and a couple days ago where I was happy to take about $400 off his hands.  I introduced him to a new way to be controlled by me and I'm looking forward to doing it again very soon;)

A new boy named Rosey wasn't familiar with T.V.  so I was happy to show him.  I ended up showing him how easy it was for me to take $460 :)

L8000 hasn't been able to say no to me... the more I take, the more he thanks me.  Between gifts and tributes he's thanked me for over $600  in the past week and a half;)

1HB has been sitting at my feet while I make him edge for hours at a time...  and of course still sending his nightly $50 tribute.

CummyScott is back to serving me full time now that his gf is out of the way.   He's back to checking in with me a few times a day and sending lots of tributes while being denied over and over again, because after all - I control his cock!

A couple days ago I was online with my friend Allie (she was at home on her computer).  A  few of you lucky boys got to be used by both of us.  I was on T.V. taking money from $lave P, always generous P wanted to give to her as well.  She wasn't comfortable giving her personal info to a stranger so I sent it to me to give to her.  P asked to see my hands so he knew it wasn't me, so I did turn my cam on for a minute and let him see my pretty French Manicured fingers as the money was taken from him.  Then My Pet Jay did some wish list shopping for both of us.  After that, Leroy wanted in on our tag teaming, so we went back on TV to do some shopping at Victoria's Secret.
Leroy has still been making time to serve and tribute his Princess even while sick... 
more presents came in from him and L8000  the past 2 days...


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