belladaisy22xo (belladaisy22xo) wrote,

This is how my Wed. night on NiteFlirt started...
It's 9:30 Wed. night and as I'm just about to click "save" on this journal entry, I got an email from sissysubbie:

SS: i just wanted to thank You for taking my money last night.  i love the way You tease me and i love pleasing You in any way i can. 

I sent him a reply:
$10 pay-to-view: Hey good timing...
- I just finished writing about you in my journal ;)

SS: lucky me...I'll have to read it!

Then Mikey called and we did another hour long cam call:)


Around midnight Mr. Latex called again....  we ended up chatting till 2:45 am...  we spent most of the time looking online at fetish stores...  picking out outfits to put on a wishlist he asked me to make last night.
While Mr. Latex was adding more $$$ to his account  I sent SissySubbie a 
$50 pay-to-view:
Subbie.......I was thinking
you should ....
go put on your lip gloss and white ruffle panties 
As you wish!  Paying you for your i a loser?

another $50 pay-to-view:
are you a loser...?
-OMG  YES!!!!!!!
I guess only a loser has a little dick and pays you to humiliate and remind him.  

$100 pay-to-view:
ONLY a little dick loser
-((who loves wearing lipgloss and sucking on cocks would))
sit in your panties and wait for me
my little cock requires me to find ways to please you. also, given it's size, i don't have much choice but to do as you say...

He waited online like I told him to... even though I only gave him bits of attention a couple minutes at a time -- ((in between Mr. Latex adding $.)) .. SS sat there for hours waiting :)

$20 pay-to-view mail: New Assignment for you
4 ONLY a little dick loser
-I want you to go to my amazon wish list and send me an E-card/e-gift certificate -- send it to my email address:   surprise me with the amount... but make it good.

Right away he sent a $50 e-card.  nice, but not what I was expecting...  so I made him go back and send another $50 e-card  before I let him go to bed;)

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