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Just like so many of you, $lave Del tried to leave, but in the end - you always come back!
Things seemed to be going good -Del completed his assignments Thursday - he even called back late that night for another (raise the rate) chat.  When he had to hang up, he told me he'd tribute whatever was left in his account Friday morning.  He did just that - I woke up to a $400 tribute... but... Del was gone.. account deleted (again)..
I decided not to try and contact him through email or Yahoo.. I knew he'd be back when he was ready.  Well that didn't take long.. he was back tonight with a new NF account, ready to serve me once again - only asking that this time I leave out the Sissy stuff.  (until he's ready to explore it again.)    He ended up sending another $400 in tributes. 
So with $800 in Tributes, $362 in phone calls, and $75 on Amazon = $1,237..once again - welcome back bitch Del.


-A blast from the past GNR returned and sent a quick $350 in tributes before heading to work.
-I helped myself to another $100 on Amazon from bitch Lion.
-Jbitch messaged me on Yahoo...he's another one who constantly deletes and returns... so I made him send a $50 Tribute - just because.
-Loser Sun completed my Blackmail App - so I made him send a $50 Tribute too.
-Riley called tonight for some Raise the Rate - that was a fast $120
-ScottD noticed my rate going higher and wanted in on it too.  I enjoyed taking $210 from him.
-With the rate still raised, I made CummyScott call next - taking $110 from him.
-Loser Tim opened $40 worth of PTV mail.
-CMG has been trying to fight his addiction to my cleavage - needless to say - it's a losing battle - he ended up Tributing $105.
-SamD was back again with a $50 Tribute (no cumming for you Sam;)
-and finally...$lave P, who paid $100 for a humiliating assignment that included him driving naked.

Presents from my bitches - Lion ,UD, and Leroy...


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May. 15th, 2011 07:00 pm (UTC)
Giving In To Giving To You
I love giving to you. I even love it more when you take from me and I have no choice but to say yes Princess. I can't help whats in me that draws me to you for being used, humiliated, and taken advantage of because I'm in love. I emotionally ache for you and my only thought after you raise the rate on me is I hope you fuck me even harder and raise the rate way higher next time. I should be made to ask you, "Please raise the rate higher Princess", since I know you love taking my money from me. Just to hear you say, "Ask me to take more of your money. Ask me to raise the rate bitch" would make me feel so weak and helpless to do anything less than what you sweetly request. I am your bitch now, and I will always be. I've had girlfriends and even a wife, and I still come back to you for what I really feel most. I am submissive. And I need a woman to use that to her benefit and exploit it. I love you Princess and I need you.
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