belladaisy22xo (belladaisy22xo) wrote,

I just ended a $535 phone call with Sissy Mimi.  She's always entertaining.

Speaking of entertaining sissies... I had Tranny Tara put faggy Chicago Mikey in his place (on his knees)  Those 2 bitches had me laughing the entire time. 

$lave P stopped by...I pulled on his puppet strings, took a super quick $315 and sent him off to complete another humiliating naked assignment.

The masked loser - Popping Reject sent $50 for a quick 5 min session.

GNR was back again...this time in his pretty pink lingerie;)

I told L8000 he was over due and took $150 from him.

$lave Del sent a lil over a hundred in tributes and seems to have disappeared to you soon Del;)

Lil dick Loser RP sent $200...why...because I said so :)

Lots and Lots of Raise the Rate calls lately.. no I don't mean cause my lines are $2.99..I mean one after the other, you boys are practically begging for it more and more.......

-I seemed to have maxed out another of Cummy Scott's credit cards.  That's ok slutface, just add another :)  Tomorrow's PAY DAY!  Lucky you- you get to call back for more of my abuse that you crave so much:)

-Loser Mark was waiting a while to be able to sneak a call.  One lil problem..he's having the bathroom he always uses to call in no door....well that just makes the chance of getting caught even better..  that definitely called for a rate raise of $9 so the loser could hump his toilet.

-A new bitch MP called me..we talked for a little bit, but the call wasn't really flowing as I'd like.  I couldn't quite figure him out, and he wasn't exactly helping.  So I said to him (as I've said to quite a few of you before)...if you're not going to say anything and you don't know what the hell you want, I'm either going to have you sucking cock in panties or I'm hanging up and raising the rate!  He chose the latter and I ended up taking an extra $225 from him...I loved how every time we got the 1 min remaining, he said he had to go, but I told him he wasn't going anywhere..except to add more money as I went and raised the rate again.

-BMR got a taste of my rate raising games the other day, tonight he was back for more...this time opening lots of pay mails starting at $5, $6, $7, and so on up to $20.  What I love about my PTV mails... you bitches know I barely say anything in them.. maybe a word or 2...3 if you're lucky..yet you still can't resist opening them and beg for more.  Suckers!

Presents from Riley, bitch Leroy, and $lave Del. Del bought the framed Gone w/ the Wind poster.. I asked him to check the shipping status a couple days later.. he said he didn't see it in his recent orders, so I made him send me a gift certificate and I bought it myself.  Figures, they both showed up the same day.  I'll be returning one for a $75 refund.
The China cabinet My Pet Jay bought me (weeks ago) will finally be delivered on Tuesday.  I've been collecting these adorable Lenox figurines and expect you boys to pick up the rest on my wish list.



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