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I haven't been around as much as you boys would like..and I have another packed weekend coming up...so when you see me online, don't waste time - catch me while you can. 

Popping Reject was back...I made him drink, ache, and send a $100 before sending him on his way.


Prancer added even more bows and other frills to his pink sissy outfit.


Dr Piggyboy Tony called.  He's always complaining about being broke while in Med School, but I told him unless he starts paying, I don't have time for him.  He's gonna have to rework that budget again, cause the call cost him $200.

A few others who I haven't spoken to in a while... Ben, LebanonM, and SClaw saw me online, messaged me, sent a $50 tribute and disappeared again.  lol

Driver Tom and Pas sent their $50 tributes too.

Endo sent a $100 tribute while I was sleeping.  That's always nice.

Lil dick RP sent $100 too.

L8000 tried to resist, but I ended up taking an easy $150 from him.

I've been enjoying more Raising the Rate games through NF phone calls and pay mail with BMR.

Whipped Puppy came back on all fours.  I'm not sure if I was hitting his wallet or his balls too hard, either way after sending some tributes he ran away.

1HB started a new job, making more money, which means the tributes are flowing double time:)

CummyScott has been taking on extra shifts at work to be able to keep up the spending/calling/tributing pace I have my panty slut doing. 

Mike W  stopped by to say hi and sent a $50 tribute. 

Pantyhose Bitch came out of hiding... I think he misses Chicago Mikey;)  After over 32,000 views, YouTube removed their Sissy video...

He's back with a new outfit...   I had him send $100 as he danced around to Beyonce.


The China cabinet MPJ bought me was delivered on Tuesday and you boys have been doing a good job filling it up with a lil over $1,000 worth of these adorable Lenox Disney figurines in the past 2 weeks.  There are still a few unpurchased, so head over to my wishlist;)
I'm planning a trip to Orlando (Disney/Universal, etc)  at the end of the year and as usual...you will be paying for it.  
That reminds me... Cuckie JJ- you still owe me the last $300 of the $1,200 since you're once again paying for my shore house for a week in September.




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Jun. 4th, 2011 03:26 am (UTC)
You're Too Spoiled & That Excites Me
Every guy you're in contact with finds out the same thing I did long ago. It costs to know you, and it costs to get any of your time. Oh yesss... You're more than worth it. But it never stings until the next day. That is when I always realize how much you've made me pay for wanting you. And the fact that you make me and others pay, only makes me want you more.
Jun. 13th, 2011 02:25 am (UTC)
I've seen a subliminal in one of your videos. . .
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