belladaisy22xo (belladaisy22xo) wrote,

SD-Nate all dressed up - how could I not laugh at his mini tent...



Popping Reject...drink, drink, tribute...repeat!




TP kissing my feet...

A few wish list presents...
I mentioned last week that 1HB got a new job.. as promised my loyal pet has been tributing more than ever:)

I welcomed ScottD home from vacation by taking an easy $180 from him;)

Loser Mark called me while on business in Germany...I jacked up the rate and let him hump the vinyl futon in his hotel room.

I took a quick $100 from $lave P.

Then I took even faster tributes from the lil dicks Pas and RP.

RY popped online so I instructed him to tribute..he only sent half, but I know he just did it for a lil extra attention, knowing he wouldn't get away without paying the whole thing.    BTW   RY...I expect another tribute by Saturday night;)

Foot Bitch Nate called out of the blue...then ran away when I raised the rate on him.

UK Rob called a few times - he can't get enough of the BBC.

A couple new boys..SRP and Swimmer J sent tributes as I humiliated them.

I have Cummy Scott right where I want him... wrapped around my finger tighter than ever.

Super Cuck D made 2 very long calls to me from his car.  He couldn't get enough of my humiliation and abuse.  2 calls because we were interrupted by his wife.... damn can't a man fantasize about being whored out and sucking cock in peace ;)

And finally...Cuckie JJ paid off the balance of the $1,200 I told him he had to pay for my rental shore house...  I ended up making him pay $1300 for being a week late.   Video below...

Tags: belladaisy22, bitch, cash cow, cleavage, cock sucker, cuckold, cuckolding, financial domination, foot slave, foot worship, forced fem, forced intox, humiliation, loser, mistress, money, money slave, niteflirt, pathetic, pay mail, pay pig, presents, princess, princess bella daisy, ptv, sissy, sph, spoil me, stroke addict, tease & denial, tribute, wallet raping, webcam, wish list

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