belladaisy22xo (belladaisy22xo) wrote,

Good way to start the weekend...  picked up $1,800  from Cuck $lave JJ. 
Stopped by the travel agent to book a cruise to Bermuda, then some shopping with friends.  The total for the cruise comes to $2,650... get those wallets ready boys.

 A few bitches returned this week.... 
-Sissy Slut Jenny (Rex) sent a $100 tribute
-Tara Sissy needs to step it up and take more slut calls...she didn't make her quota,
  but I took $50 from her anyway.
-DZ bitch is $25 short of the $100 he was required to tribute...
 so for now his pics stay up.
-Pantyhose bitch was back again with a new sissy outfit and tributes for his Princess.
-J bitch returned too... I took an easy $180 from him.
-CG came on to tell me that he can in fact resist the power of my cleavage... then he
 ended up opening $120 in pay to views.

Some new boys have been hanging around too...
-ABL-who I'm turning into a Sissy Will tributed $160 while taking humiliating pics of
-Pantyboy Barry tributed $90 as I made him wear his panties on cam and told him he's
  going to learn to love being a sissy bitch for me - whether he likes it or not.
-Lil dick Ty ended up tributing $300 for my humiliation.
-P19 opening up $120 in PTV mail as he stroked and stared at my pictures.

-1HB is still sending bigger tributes than ever.
-Jr's been coming around more often, which of course makes me happy;)
-Whipped Puppy he being a good bitch at my feet, while sending $175 in tributes.
-Popping Reject called for a lil forced intox and an extra $100 tribute.
-Foot Bitch Brian lost a bet (he thought his team could beat the Phillies) and had to do
 raise the rate call.
-Foot $lave TP sent $260 to place at my Princess feet.
-UK Rob keeps calling to talk about his love of the BBC. 
-Loser Mike from Chicago called a few times and tributes to tell me about his secret
 adventures with big dicks..that his wife knows nothing about;)
-Smoking-Stroking-Holding Marc has returned from vacation to have his loser ass
  used by his Princess.
-and then there's Cummy Scott... who has to run away last night because I've been using him and his wallet extra hard lately.  (of course he returned tonight;)

Wish List....
that little sign if my polite way of telling my neighbors to keep their dogs off my flower beds as they try to get to my dogs through the fence...quite a few let their dogs do it, I just don't get it!     I have no problem keeping my 3 Chows in line, I hate people who can't control their dogs. I have a new neighbor who asked her German Shepard to "gently get down", "gently get off her flowers", as I was standing in my yard hooking up the sprinklers.   Finally I said... your dog's trampling over a hundred dollars worth of flowers I just planted yesterday  ((ok so I bought them with gift cards from you bitches, but still!), he doesn't know what gently means, can you just get him down.??!!!????

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