belladaisy22xo (belladaisy22xo) wrote,

So many bitches to talk about....where to start...

I've been whoring Tara Sissy out more often lately... I took $225 from her and instructed her to apply for this credit card for me.

Prancer's back...
she switched up her outfit a little bit...more bows and 5 inch stilettos...


J -sub finally got it through his head that nothing is a bigger turn off than a broke, whiny sub, so like a good bitch he added a new credit card to NF and happily opened every pay mail I sent - costing him $300.

DZ bitch was doing good with the weekly payments, but he's late again, so it's doubled.  If it's not paid by tomorrow his pics go up again.

I took $200 from foot bitch TP as he worshiped the dirty soles of my sandals.

UK Rob the BBC lover is calling almost daily.

ScottD called and I easily got $400 out of him.  Hmmm wonder what I'm gonna do next  Scott ;) 

Norway Sissy has been tributing just about every day - spending hundreds while sending more and more humiliating pics of himself.

CG opened $140 in PTV mail... he's addicted to my cleavage and legs.

I had Paul crack open his piggy bank and tribute $300 while his wife was out with a real man.

Dr Piggyboy Tony has been coming around more often..even though he's broke while in med school, he couldn't resist calling and spending $100 on my wish list.

Whipped Puppy is back at my feet.  He's another one who will delete me from Yahoo - then come back a week later asking to be added again.  I enjoyed abusing his balls and taking $150.

$lave P popped online so I took a super quick $140 from him before he signed off again. would love to hear from you all.  I know a bunch of you called him the other night when I posted his #.  I know Denial Piggy can't stop thinking about him.  He had to call and tell me all about it.  You can send him an IM or email and gay it up with him too.   

UK D sent a quick $100 in tributes before disappearing again.

Slaveboy's been calling a lot.  How much fun would it be to dominate him in front of his girlfriend.  Show her just how much of a sissy he really is.

Pantyhose bitch stopped by to send $50 in tributes...I think he's due for another video.

Loser Mark is still sneaking calls...  he's dying to do another toilet humping call with one of you losers.

Whispering Andrew has been calling a lot, giving me more blackmail info as I raise the rate higher every time.

I had SRP tributing for the pleasure of doing naked push ups into a bowl of ice water.  He's gonna be one buff /whipped bitch.

1HB got out of line...I enjoyed making him smack his ass till it was red and welted. When he couldn't take it anymore, I made him sit down and triple his nightly tribute.


Wish list presents...


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