belladaisy22xo (belladaisy22xo) wrote,

 LD called again tonight...  finally recovered from Thursday (he called me when he got home from his office's x-mas party.  He said you knew I had to get up for work in the morning, yet you kept me on the phone till almost 3am.    I said you know I don't care, I keep you on the phone because I can!  Just like I did again tonight... keeping him on the phone for an hour, making him add more and more $$$ :)    He asked if I had a lot of men addicted to me like he is, who keep giving me money on a regular basis.    I said - yes, just like you - they keep coming back for more.  They might disappear for a little while, but they always come back because they can't get enough!

I was expecting to have a slow week on NiteFlirt since it's the holidays, but I actually tripled my average week.   So many of you are calling even though you're staying with relatives.   It's so funny to hear you guys whispering into your cell phones, hiding in a bathroom or basement... just to get your BellaDaisy  fix ;) lol       I love it! ;)
-Which reminds me...  SissyTimmy called - he's staying with a family member who I've heard so many embarrassing stories about.  He asked me to tell him all the stories I could remember.  He was such a lil perv growing up, there were a lot to choose from.  He normally calls my cam line, so it was a little different today since he, like so many others, was hiding on his cell...   I told him to picture me looking into my webcam calling him a loser and giving him the finger...  that was just what he needed to put him over the edge. lol Loser!

I had a new caller tonight - Alex- we chatted for a couple minutes and I asked what he liked, he named some vanilla things, which was weird cause he called my Anything Goes - nothing is taboo line...   then he casually mentions he likes sucking off trannies, lol
-Ahhh  so you're a Cock Sucker!  ok are you a sissy boy too?  He asked what that was and I asked if he likes to dress up and wear panties.  He said no, he's a regular, manly guy, just bored with regualr sex. ((Mmm hmmm;))  I asked how many he's sucked and he said 6.  He was in the mood to meet up with a TS tonight and asked if I'd be interested in helping him pick one out.  So he sent me the link to and told me his city and I found a hot blonde ((who you'd never know was really a chic with a dick!))    Now I'm tired of my callers being All Talk...  so I called her myself and set up an appointment for later tonight.   Alex is going to bring his video camera along and have "her" tape him sucking it.    

Sucker Scott called a couple times tonight.   Begging me to ruin his Christmas and take all his money;) 
He wants to give all his money to my feet.   Of course he thanked me for it;)

1Hot Boy called to check in..such a perfect slave boy:)

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