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Dena Del my panty slut has been doing a good job of doing exactly what I say. 
Over the past few days he spent $2,400 on his Princess between calls, tributes, and tons of presents. (and $1,250 last week as I mentioned in a previous post)
I picked out some dresses and lingerie for him to buy and model on cam during our sessions.  He makes such a pretty slut.
Dena knows her purpose in life is to make me happy by sending tributes and buying presents.
I put Dena in charge of funding my next home project.  Before I start on my bedroom, she also has to pay for 8 new doors for the upstairs bedrooms and I'll want around $500 in Home Depot gift cards just for the doors.

Cummy Scott kept telling me he's going to stay away from me.  That just made me want to raise the rate on him:)  I hit him hard last week.. then took another $330 from his the past few days.  He was able to resist tonight...but I KNOW he'll be back on Friday-payday! Won't you Cummy Slut;)


M$ told me he was "giving me up"...I simply replied with a "Bye"...  he told me I was cruel and he was giving up Fin Dom... I said no, I'm're not giving anything up, you'll just spend your money elsewhere  so I have nothing to say to you.  He knew I was right and came back the next day, apologized,  and spent $50 on my wish list.

Sam D has been toying with the idea of signing another Blackmail App.   Last time he paid the $1,700 buyout before we even had a chance to get started.  I told him I'll take it easier on him this time and make it under a thousand.  He has been sending $150 in tributes though and still does NOT have permission to cum.    I had Sam and Norway sissy in a chat together.  It was kind of funny...Norway was dressed up in his sister's gymnastics leotard, which made him look like Peter Pan.  Sam was telling him all about the Bird Locked Chastity and I think it started to scare him so I made him switch it up and tell him how great it is to be locked up. ;)

DZ bitch said he wants to start paying early to make sure his pics dont end up on my blog again.  Well that's no fun.. so I raised his weekly tribute from $50 to $61.

JR stopped by with a quick $50 tribute.    Whipped Puppy came back for more training and opened $75 in PTV mail.  UKRob is still dreaming of the BBC.  and of course..1HB is still doing his $50 nightly tributes.  

I've been getting a lot of you asking about the tan pantyhose/black stilettos pic I posted last week.  Normally I wouldn't wear stockings with open toe heels, but you foot boys can't get enough of it, so  I decided to take more pics and put them in a PTV mail...   you're welcome.

$10.. Set #1

$10.. Set #2

Hey Mark...BUZZ! ...hahaha LOSER!
I got quite a haul today...some things I left unopened because I could tell they were Christmas decorations ( I asked for doubles of a lot of things) and I don't have anywhere to store them until the basement and garage are finished.

My newest pair of Wallet Drainers...




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