belladaisy22xo (belladaisy22xo) wrote,

Sissy Michell loves comparing me to his Soon To Be Ex-wife Sarah...  She just doesn't understand what I already know.. Michell/Mike belongs in pretty dresses with lots of ruffles.  I had fun draining him of $300 while he sat at a coffee shop unable to touch his little clitty:)

$lave Del did a $250 drive by..then went into hiding again.. but I know panty slut Dena will return soon enough.  She always does;)

Foot $lave D stopped by to say hi and send a $50 tribute. 

DVR messaged me to see if the Victoria's Secret bras he bought came yet...he was so excited thinking about me and my cleavage that he couldn't help but hand over $450..

DVC and Dorian called to chat...2 bitches who belong in lingerie and dresses :)

Blackmail Bitch Ben sent another $245..he has to pay off his balance by the 21st.  I have a feeling he'll be begging for more come Friday:)

Stroking-Smoking-Holding Marc has been calling regularly...he knows how good it feels to give me money.

Another Loser...Mark The Pastry Fucker has been calling a lot too...when I told him to let me know before he calls because I'm raising the rate, he said he Won't be calling if I go over $3.99/min....  oh silly bitch.. Mark's new rate ranges from $7 - $20/min if he wants to talk to me (and of course he wants to talk to me..all the time!)

Norway Sissy sent me $330 as I sent his girlfriend little hints about his love of panties, dresses, and make up:)

I took $125 from my bitch Lion as I played the video I have of him begging me to milk him over and over again.

Aussie P sent $100 for a couple very painful CBT sessions.  I'm surprised his nipples are still attached after the hell I put him through with a few clamps:)  Of course he'll be coming back for more.

Then I took a quick $100 from Tmackey in 10 mins...  I see dildos and a Hooters uniform on you happening Very soon T;)

M$ spent $100 on Amazon.  Then Dr. Piggyboy Tony sent a quick $50 from the hospital.  After that I made Whipped Puppy spend $75 as I gave his balls an over due beating.

I did a $200 forced intox session with J-bitch while he was away on business.  Then I took a super quick $200 from DB-pup too.  Both boys know their money should go to ME!

My bitch Tara Sissy has been improving...taking calls more often.. of course all the money will go to me:)  While she was off finding men to service, I spent $150 on Amazon with our Master Card:)

Prancer couldn't wait to show off his new penis shaped

Wish List presents...
I love this lil 19" tv...the picture is so clear and it fits nicely on my computer desk.


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