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 Blackmail Bitch Ben paid off his balance, then went on vacation for a few soon as he got home he was online looking for me. Like I said in my last post.. his blackmail contract was over, but he'd be back. I had to tease him for barely making it in the door before contacting me.  He quickly handed over $100 and did every humiliating thing I came up with.
Needing another Bella Fix, Ben was back 2 days later...   this time asking about more blackmail games.  We played a quick game, picking numbers/amounts..locking him in for 6 months.  A couple minutes later he was already asking to pay the $300 buyout. ok..that was quick..he was free again. Not even 30 seconds later he was already asking to play again, lol.  Another game - he wasn't having much luck and ended up locking himself in for 6 months again.  He did last a little bit longer.....maybe 10 minutes in he asked to pay the new $645 buyout.  $945 in about 20 minutes...I think he might hold off a bit longer, I'm guessing he comes back for more in the next 3 weeks before payday;)
edit: he was already back tonight, (and is eagerly waiting to see this post) but I'm not letting him play again until payday...the 29th;)
SuAn got a taste of my blackmail fun... he's constantly messaging me saying he loves my YouTube videos and wants to send money, wear his wife's panties, and be blackmailed....I wasn't in the mood for time wasters, so I gave him a lil push by showing him a screen shot of our chat history and his pic next to it...then told him to send $100.  He was so happy to be under my control and came back to tell me tonight. (see sometimes a lil push is good for you bitches)  He owes another $100 in 2 weeks. Then we'll see if he wants to continue or not.

I did a couple more Forced Intox sessions with Popping Reject..he knows it feels so good to drink, stroke, and hand over $750.


My Sissy Michell/Mike had a fun week away from his soon to be ex Sarah... he can't help but send tributes..$675 worth... and entertain me on cam.
That's a lot of

Here's Michell modeling her new dress...


I took a quick $100 from TMack again... I have some entertaining videos of him trying to hide from his own webcam...he loves talking about blackmail, but when he realizes I'm recording he stops talking and tries to hide...
in the first one he didn't move it enough so you can still see the top of his head... and in the 2nd one I told him to tribute again (he didn't want to) he's on his bed, and keeps moving the cam away, but you can still see the shadow of his face and body wanking away. ..and then there's the panty vids....

Loser Mark was without power for days after snow storm...since he was freezing in his house, I was nice enough to raise the rate and let him warm up by humping his couch ;)

Prancer's been prancing more often lately..

Denial Piggy ended up spending $170 to have his pic blurred out a lil more of the post below.
I took control of $lave P's puppet strings and took $200.
Lil Dick RP sent a quick $100, he knows money is the only thing he'd ever be able to satisfy me with;)  Keep those tributes coming lil guy;)

$lave D sent a quick drive by $50 Tribute. Then Whipped Puppy did too.
So did DZ Bitch  (but that was just to stay safe for another week)

Slut Rex came back, I had him put on his pretty pink lipstick and send $100.

Aussie P paid $30 for a 3 minutes CBT session...that's all he could handle;)

Angry Andrew called.... he must have been in a good mood because he forgot to tell me I'm going to Hell for the way my face lights up when I count money;)  Instead he was more interested in showing off his man boobs;) 
Two quick vids below...

Wish List Presents...
(I'm having a Gingerbread House party..of course you boys are paying for everything)

pics and vids for my Twitter bitches:!/BellaDaisy22


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