belladaisy22xo (belladaisy22xo) wrote,

What a perfect way to kick off the holiday season...with a little blue box from Tiffany's!  I've been looking at this adorable Twist Bow ring for a couple months now, but $250 for a tiny piece of silver seemed a bit much....unless of course it's YOUR money...  
Punished-A came around looking to shop, the ring ended up costing him $295 cause I had it shipped over night:)  Then there was another ring I wanted on Amazon and some Christmas stuff from Target (more rush shipping)...bringing our shopping total to $630.  While I shopped, he was online watching the available credit on his card go lower and lower..and loving it:)

$lave Del was trying to resist me, so he sent a $50 tribute and left.... but 10 minutes later he was back and ended up sending  $315 before running away again. It's ok Always come back;)

$lut Rex is turning more into Sissy Jenny every day...I love how weak he is for me, handing over $200 and layering on the lipstick.

Another boy who is so weak for me...Whipped Puppy.  All I have to do is say send...and another Amazon gc pops up in my email.  I took  $125 from him last night.

Another shorter $150 session with Popping Reject...
I've been taking it too easy on him lately;)

UK Rob was back for another TV session....handing over a quick $60 for a couple minutes.

New boy Knk did a drive by on my wishlist and picked up a pair of knee high boots.  MPJ has been doing some shopping as usual.

Sissy Michell sent $ 125 after losing a bet on the Eagles/Giants game...  if the Eagles lost I would have sent him 3 or 4 pics. Go Eagles! haha
MedSchool Dr Piggyboy Tony still owes me money from the game... he owes me $30 for each Touch Down, $25 for each Field Goal, and an extra $25 cause the Eagles won. (He actually got lucky cause it would have been an extra $100 if the Giants won)

This entry was kinda short since I'm trying to get back to updating every 2-3 days:)
Wish List Presents...
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