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 Sunday night one of my panty boys called...."Pansy"  let a whole year go by without calling me.  ((but like I've said so many times... eventually, they all come back for more;))  I asked what he was wearing and he told me he had on  pink string bikini bottoms...
Oh, how sexy    I said...  but he told me he really didn't look good in them;) lol    He apologized for not calling sooner... but I asked him how he was going to make it up to me??   I suggested he go to my listing  and "Pay for My Pedicure".   He added money to his account and clicked the $30 pay now button:)  We talked about his tiny dick and what a good cock sucker he would be.  He tried to tell me it wasn't small, it's almost  5 inches.      Look little dick,  you're not pleasing any one with your 4 and 1/2 inches....  obviously the only thing you have to satisfy me with is your wallet...  now go pay for another pedicure.   Again he added money to his account and sent the $30 tribute.  I humiliated him some more and a couple minutes later I told him it was time to send another tribute...   this time  "Pay for My Night Out with The Girls"  $50.   He said  wow Princess, these tributes seem to be coming at a fast pace...   I said     that's what happens when you don't call for a year,  now go pay that $50 tribute button again!  That one went through instantly -- he told me he added a lot more money to his account last time cause he had a feeling I was going to be taking more.    He was so turned on playing with his lil dick in his pink bikini and really needed to cum....   I told him to go "Pay My Cell Phone Bill"  $70...and I'll think about letting him.   He paid it right away and thought that was it.... no... keep stroking... and just for fun - pay for another pedicure!   Including our call... he spent  $300 in 20 minutes:)   I told him he should call more often, maybe I'll go easier on him next time....mmm maybe not;)

My always loyal 1Hot Boy called me every night this week... always ready to send his nightly tribute:)