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My panty slut Kimberly stopped by for some training and sent $650. 
-Kimberly,  don't forget to buy at least 3 new pairs of panties!  You belong in them every single day!
-1HB sent an extra $250 in Tributes.  I had him entertain me on cam after sitting at my feet for hours, waiting for my attention.
-I had a fun TV session with Puppet P and took an easy $350.
Piggyboy Tony handed over $430....
he knows where his money really belongs;)
I took $465 from My Bitch's my credit card now;)
-Blackmail Bitch Ben came back for more Yahoo games.   He thinks he's saving money by not being in a contract, but ended up handing over $500 because he still can't beat me in Literati.
 Sissy Michell put on her ruffles and sent $125
  Popping Reject came around for a couple Forced Intox sessions.
 Cuck Loser Piggy B called to humiliate himself on cam for me.
 Sissy Damian...get on your knees and start sucking!  You should be practicing for at least 10 minutes every day!
-RY Bitch is back on a weekly payment schedule.  He's locked in till the end of the year...  or as he put it -Forever, since he'll never be able to stop himself from coming back.
-I had some fun Raise the Rate calls with Money Slave Paul and JDG.
-Sky has been sending me videos every night... he'll do whatever I suggest, no matter how humiliating.   One included Icy Hot and Q-tips, in another I had him smack his loser dick with a shoe, because he loves hearing me say I'll crush him like a bug. 
-Cowboy has been doing a good job of serving me.  He checks in with emails during the day and night, makes sure to get his edges in, and calls nightly also.
-Walter wants to be a better panty wearing cock sucker, so I made him go out and buy a dildo to practice with.   He was also ordered to spend more time in Gay chat rooms and seems to be loving it.
-Loser Mark - the pastry fucker, switched it up a bit and grabbed a banana peel for our latest humiliation session.
-Whipped Puppy messaged me just to say he could resist me.   Ok, cool... so I  continued doing what I was doing before he messaged me and it wasn't long before he couldn't take it anymore and had to tribute..and tribute again.  It's almost too easy sometimes.    The more I ignore him the weaker he becomes.
-Some other boys who came around this week - Red dog who is still struggling with the thought of wearing panties,  UK Andrew, UK Sailor, Tutu R,  UK Doggie J, and Breast $lave T. 
Speaking of breasts....Cuck John is calling more than ever.  He forgot all about his cuckold fantasies because he can't stop thinking about my cleavage.  I enjoy raising the rate on him because I know how bad he needs to hear my voice. 
Good Boy Gary continues to open every picture I send him.   He knows how good it feels to give his money to my cleavage.
Tags: belladaisy22, bitch, blackmail, boob zombie, cash cow, cleavage, cock sucker, cuckold, cuckolding, financial domination, financial dominatrix, financial fetish, financial mistress, forced fem, forced intox, humiliation, humiliatrix, hypnotize, ignore, long hair, long hair fetish, loser, manipluatrix, mistress, money, money domme, money princess, money slave, niteflirt, pay mail, pay pig, piggy bank, princess, princess bella daisy, ptv, sissy, sph, spoil me, stroke addict, tease & denial, tribute, wallet raping, webcam

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