belladaisy22xo (belladaisy22xo) wrote,


seemed to be all about the little dick losers....  one after the other... they kept calling to be humiliated.

Sox/Loser Mark sent me another $10 tribute email: Your ass
Would look great on my face.  I would love to buy more ass photos from You.  I would have called tonight, but people came home early from work... 

I replied with a 
$10 Pay-to-view mail: MY Ass...
-would Feel great on your face too ;) 

LoserMark :oh that is an awesome visual.

$25 pay-to-view mail: Do you think you've
earned a pic of me in a thong?

Loser Mark: oh my Goddess...i hope that You deem me worthy, and i am sorry for tonight i can't catch a break.  i really want to call you now, and i think i am over the intimidation factor.  

$25 pay-to-view mail: Don't Tease Me...
you know how bad I want to...
-humiliate you on cam! 

Loser Mark:  ohhh let me have the thong pic and i will do anything on cam for YOU!

$25 pay-to-view mail:  you can start with a pic of my
White Wet Thong from the front ;)

Loser Mark: i can hardly stand the anticipation...please give me what i want!

$25 pay-to-view: White Thong
for you loser...  ;)

Loser Mark:   that is mean. no picture attached.  You win i am pathetic

 $25 pay-to-view mail: what I want...
(this time I sent a pic of me.. beinding over.. in a white thong...
with a red heart covering my ass that said: Loser Mark  I want to watch you humiliate yourself on cam...
then you can kiss my ass

*and then I went to bed*

he emailed me today:
i am so excited. i cant wait for your instructions

KG called to worship my feet on cam...
normally when he calls, he's got his cell phone, lap top, and webcam  in the back of his SUV parked in the garage (hiding from his wife;)
but tonight  he turned on his cam... and I could tell he was in the garage, then I realized he was laying on the floor  hiding Behind his truck  LOL   I said wow loser - you really reached a new low.. lying on the dirty garage floor jerking off to my feet!!   He gets so worked up looking at my feet...   he said it's only 4 days into the New Year and he already broke his resolution (( to stop calling NiteFlirt)) 
*Silly boys - you know you can't stay away, why bother trying;)*
So I made him send me a tribute "$30 pay for my pedicur"  for even THINKING about not calling me anymore.

1Hot Boy - back again with a $50 tribute for his Princess ;)

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