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A new caller - pieman - has been calling me the past few days...  wanted to be teased about his tiny little dick... which I enjoyed doing:)


Loser Jim is back... (remember he was the one who's girlfriend was paying my bills:)   He disappeared at the end of November, but like so many of you, he just can't stay away;)     He had big news for me...  he finally sucked his first cock (making him true to his name "Little Dick Cock Sucking Loser Jim".  He said that's all he did, but Jim loves to remind me what a great ass he has... and it won't be long till he's a full fledged Homo!!  Great job Jim!  I always knew you were meant to be a fag!!  :)  Now all you have to do is GET A JOB and you can start paying my bills again!


A new caller "DorkChops" called my cam line...  he was oinking from the minute I said hello.  He was another little dick loser who needed to be humiliated.  He left nice  5 star feedback, but it kinda annoyed me:
Call Feedback

 Rating:5 stars
 Written Feedback:very good! very beautiful! cam a little dark and couldn't see face as well as i wanted to. Also, for humilation, a little on the soft spoken side bhut, I would most definitely return again!

*** Yes I have a sweet, soft voice, but it doesn't stop me from telling my callers when I think they're nothing but Pathetic worthless little dick cock sucking losers who have to pay for the privilege of speaking to me***  If you need someone to yell or sounds like they've been smoking 2 packs a day --- I'm not the girl for you;)


Saturday night and sox/Loser Mark still hasn't done a cam call with me  ((I'm not complaining -- he's spent hundreds on humiliating pay mails))    but I sent him a lil reminder anyway...

$25 pay-to-view mail:New Pic I took just for you Loser Mark
LoserMark1-6-08.jpg picture by belladaisy27

LM: Sunday is the day that i will finally have the chance to kiss Your ass on cam!  i am not expecting anyone to be home and i do not have to work.  i can't wait to be dominated by You!

$20 pay-to-view mail: Humiliation
for Loser Mark
-see how pathetic you are;)

i am pitiful... i'll gladly spend $20 just to have You insult me, and i love every second of it.  What do you have in store for me tomorrow?

$5 pay-to-view: Tomorrow
.... What time is good for you?

$5 pay-to-view mail: are you going
-stroke your lil peanut on cam for me loser?

if you want me to.  i am under your control when i call

$5 pay-to-view mail: See how well
I have...
-you trained;)

trained like a little puppy dog.  it's actually quite funny.  

$10 pay-to-view mail: "it's actually quite funny"
-I know I'm laughing!!

LM:  what is it going to be like after You train me on cam?

$20 pay-to-view mail: Well Loser...
-I want to get you to the point where being humiliated by ME, or thinking about ME is the ONLY thing that gets your cock hard ever again:)

LM:  Just thinking about it is getting me hard right now!!

$20 pay-to-view mail: Good
-then it's working already;)

LM:  i can't wait until Sunday.  just thinking about it makes me so excited. 

Sunday morning he sent me an email: 
i don't know how i am going to hold out until our call tonight.  i am hard just thinking about it.  
Loser mark

Then after calling my recordings he sent a $1.80 tribute (what's left in his account?)
 You have me so hot right now. The funny thing is you are probably sleeping, and i am here getting hard listening to Your recordings. 
I've listened to all of Your recordings and i am torn between "give $5 to my feet" and "grovel at my feet".  I think grovel at my feet is my favorite.    -Loser Mark
Later Sunday morning he sent a $10 tribute email:
LM:  i've scheduled the call for tonight.  i can't wait to see you on cam dominating my loser ass.  It is going to be orgasmic.

Around 5:45pm he sent another $10 tribute email:
LM:  i  have my cam and i am ready for tonight. 

I didn't come online until 7:30 though...  he sat waiting all day :)
So around 7:30 he finally got to call my cam listing...   we ended up talking for 80 minutes in which time I really enjoyed instructing him on how to make a complete fool of himself using a pack of markers and some candle sticks;)  I sent him some pay mails during the call too:)

$30 pay-to-view mail:  S
troking that peanut ?
pay for the privilege

$30 pay-to-view mail: F
or hiding the fact
that you're such a good
Cock Sucker!!

$50 pay-to-view mail:  F
or loving a candle
stuck in your ass and not being able
to last !!!!

After the call he sent me an email:

Thank you for tonight.  i am sorry that i am not more interesting.  i really didn't know what i wanted.
-Loser mark

-I still had fun making a fool of you ;)

how about that thong pic now?  do i deserve it? 

$50 pay-to0view mail: 
how about that thong pic now?
Picture73.jpg picture by belladaisy27
-you came before I told you  you could  loser!!!

i have left feedback, paid for emails, and humiliated myself on cam.  i even ate my cum to impress you...doesn't that count for something?  you know i am dying for a thong pic...what else can i do for you?

$80 pay-to-view mail: 
yes you deserve it ;)
LOL -- yes you did eat your cum didn't you:) here's the pic with the heart removed;)
See what happens when you cum too fast!!  you have to pay!!
Now kiss my nice  tan ass!

thank you that's  the best ass on niteflirt.  i could eat that ass all night.  now i have to work on getting a high resolution ass pic and i will be in heaven.

I got a random tribute tonight... "dc" sent me a $100. tribute... no email...  nothing lol
I sent him and email  saying..
That got my attention ;)  Thank you.         but he didn't reply
well thanks for the tribute dc -- hopefully I'll hear from you soon ;)


Loser Mike from Chicago sent a  $20 tribute because he hasn't  been able to call with his wife hanging over his shoulder all the time lately.

A new caller said something tonight that made me laugh...
After talking for a couple minutes... he said "Are you of age?"  cause you sound like you're 16!"
I said... yes of course I am....  I'm 27...   he said ok    just checking cause you sound young as hell and I'm not trying to pull some R. Kelly shit.

Another new caller tonight...  sissyslave   called my cam line looking to be used and abused like the little bitch that he is....   I spent over 10 minutes making him my little pain slut till he couldn't take it anymore... nothing like a lil cbt to end a great night;)


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