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I'm glad the tanning bed Cuckie JJ bought me will finally be delivered tomorrow.  Hopefully it's up and running sometime this weekend.    Speaking of big purchases...it's that time of year again - Eagles Season Ticket money is due - Cuckie JJ has been paying for them the last few years and I expect him to keep the tradition going!  They raised the price a little...new coach - higher ticket price?...  so he will be giving me $2,200 by the end of the weekend!
 photo Gary-3-18-1.jpg

Good Boy Gary continues to click and pay for my cleavage...he knows how good it feels to give me what I want...and I wanted $420 !
 photo Gary-blue2.jpg

BH is a clicking and paying whore for my cleavage.

Bob called again because he can't stop thinking about my cleavage either.

Piggy Robert knows how good it feels too...  he's been clicking and paying more and more every day!

Lil dick, chronic masturbator Fay called to talk more about how unfair it is that I take so much money from so many boys.  So of course I had to take some pay-to-view pics that I knew he couldn't resist opening.  Which made him call back again after opening. :)

 photo Fay---3-18----2.jpg
New boy Jimmy has a thing for cbt and my cleavage...he opened $125 in pay mail and is not allowed release without my permission.
 photo jimmy-3-19--4.jpg

 photo jenny-2.jpgSlut Jenny had the house to herself and was in need of a session... so I had her put on the makeup and lingerie I picked out and of course grab her dildo.  After sending me $410... I let her cum on her dildo and suck it clean - twice! 

Slave Del made a brief appearance - my panty slut snuck in some email training, sent $150...then disappeared again.
 photo david-3-8----1.jpg
 photo leroy-bbc-3.jpg  photo leroy-channing--1.jpg
Bitch Leroy has been doing a good job of completing all my tasks and turning into an even bigger cock sucker... and sending me $790.     He's addicted to my cleavage, so I enjoy using that while training him to love cock.  I mentioned in my last post that I'm making him "gay-up" his apartment.  He now has a framed poster of Channing Tatum and a growing collection of Chic Flicks and Pop music that he bought off Amazon over the past 2 weeks.  I also make him share some of his Amazon purchases on his Facebook page.  After gushing about how much he loves Brit Brit and how sassy Miley Cyrus is...it didn't take long before he had his man card revoked;)   Here are some of his purchases...
 photo bitchleroyschanningposterandgirlymoviesampmusic.jpg
 photo bitchleroygirlymoviesboughtsinceMarch9thmoretocome.jpg
 photo whipped-pup-feet.jpg I have so many boys hooked on worshiping my cleavage, that I forgot how easy it is to take your money with my legs and feet!   Whipped Puppy tries to resist, but it never works - he ended up sending $150 in tributes.

Sheldon has been calling for often - he tried to stay away, but once he starts thinking about my legs - he has to call!

M$ sent $150 and bought a pair of heels off my wishlist.  I love how all I have to do is send him a link to my Amazon list and I know he will buy something without me saying a word.

Marky  sent $300.  For our contract, he only had to pay $200 - but he couldn't resist sending an extra $100 to my feet.

Sissy Stacy has never called before, but sent me some emails letting me know she couldn't resist buying me a pair of heels off my wishlist.
Love those surprise drive-by shoppers and tributes! 

I had lots of Raise The Rate fun with  Money Slave Andy, Scottish Steve, and new loser Jason.

I ordered My Bitch Lion to get me a credit card.   I milked a quick $220 before wifey cut off the card.  That's ok - I'll just make him apply for a new one this weekend. 
 photo lion1-2.jpg

Loser Mark (the pastry fucker) sent $210 and seems to be turning into more of a cum guzzler every day...besides fucking his couch, toilet, and anything else he can get his hands on - he's been eating cum cracker sandwiches and licking his fingers clean too.
After looking over his finances, I decided TDY should send me $160 and then tribute again over the weekend.

Some other boys who called and tributed...
Easter Bunny Mike has been popping up more often.

BK Keith called for a friendly chat.

JimG surprised me with a $100 tribute when he called.

Robot Jeff called a couple times.  I think it's time to put him back on a serving schedule.

Lil dick Casey called and I enjoyed laughing at what a cuckold bitch he's turned into over the years.

PC Loser needs to shove his face in the toilet and lick the floor clean.

Scared Joe love to hear stories of how far I could possibly push him to publicly humiliate himself.

Cowboy A continues to keep in contact - even sneaking calls while on vacation.

Crackhead M called many times needing to be used.

Swedish Loser M needed to be used by me too, such a loser -he's always up for a Forced Intox session.

Then there was a blast from the past - one of my original CBT callers - Slave M - we didn't do any cbt stuff this time - he was  more interested in trying some of the Yahoo games I've mentioned before.  I made the rules a lil easier on him since it was his first time - but as usual.. no one ever beats me in word games and I was happy to take his money:)

Loser Perv Timmy called with his latest stories so I could  laugh at him.  He's another one who keeps coming back for more... he's coming up on 9 years very soon.

Red called to chat about how non-submissive he is... so I had to remind him of all the reasons that he is-without a doubt - very submissive to me!

Chicago Mikey called to talk about the Gay/Submissive Wrestling match he had coming up.  He showed me a bunch of pics of the guy...Mikey is much bigger than him, so if he comes back and tells me he lost... I'll know he did it on purpose because he was craving the cock  ;)

Someone else who loves cock...Faggy Beau...he can't stop thinking about BIG cock...especially since he's a lil shrimp dick.

Scottish Andrew broke out the poppers and called to worship me.

Slave Andre called a few times - I'm always amused when he has to put the phone down and be quiet because his girlfriend is nearby...as I'm still getting paid.  It's fun to hear him whimper like a dog and beg to worship my heels.

Wish List presents from My Pet Jay, Cuckie JJ, MS, Greg,  and Bitch Leroy...
 photo WL-mac-2.jpg
 photo WL-book.jpg
 photo wl-sun.jpg


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Mar. 25th, 2013 04:47 am (UTC)
Thank you for mentioning me Princess. I'm drooling and losing my weak mind over your perfect big tits Princess. Thank you for destroying me Princess!
Mar. 25th, 2013 10:38 pm (UTC)
Re: BH
I'm ready to do it again, Ben ;)
Mar. 25th, 2013 11:56 pm (UTC)
Weak for Your cleavage
As always it's so great to be mentioned in Your update Princess. i'm really excited by the way my girly movie and music collection is coming along, not to mention how big of a fag i'm becoming for You. You've really helped mold and transform my weak mind into thinking correctly for You and staying focused on doing/becoming only what pleases You.
Mar. 25th, 2013 11:57 pm (UTC)
Re: Weak for Your cleavage
now would be a good time to put on your collar and suck a big dick !
Mar. 26th, 2013 06:09 pm (UTC)
Re: Weak for Your cleavage
i was too busy enjoying "27 Dresses" that movie is SO cute, totally getting added to my favorite rom-coms list. Today i had a 1/2 day from work so at 12:30 i went to the adult theater and there were a few busniessmen looking guys there... i bet You can guess what happened... ;)
Mar. 26th, 2013 05:57 pm (UTC)
hoping to spoil You

Wow, you are incredibly gorgeous!!! i live in the Philly area, and i would absolutely LOVE to spoil You at the King of Prussia Mall. Please please please contact me?

sub john
Mar. 9th, 2014 06:16 pm (UTC)
Re: hoping to spoil You
KOP is my Favorite mall... but your email address says you're OWNED !?
Mar. 9th, 2014 02:01 pm (UTC)
Bitch Leroy
Is that an actual pic of Bitch Leroy? If so, he is HOT!!! Yummy!!!

chicago mikey
Mar. 9th, 2014 06:17 pm (UTC)
Re: Bitch Leroy
Yes, those are cock sucker Leroy's real pics... maybe you two should hook up ;)
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