belladaisy22xo (belladaisy22xo) wrote,

Monday morning I saw Loser Jim arranged a call.... I figured he had some news to tell me, so I took his call.   And what news he had!....   He said...  "it finally happened"...  I said what?  you're girlfriend woke up and realized there's real dick to be had out there and left you?   but no, that wasn't it... instead......            he finally did it... he went all out gay!  Finally gave up that nice ass he's always bragging about.  So it's official...    Congratulations Jim, you tiny dick cock sucking fag you! 

sox/Loser Mark bought my black bra pics...again. (lol)  
then he sent a $10 tribute that said:
I already had this set, but i wanted to leave more feedback and of course give more $ to you. thanks for the call on Sunday -Loser mark 

I sent him an email...
checking out more of my pics huh ?;)

LM:  What can i say other than you have me hooked.

$20 pay-to-view:
I warned you this was
-going to happen ;)

Yes you did, and You were right.  Somehow after making a fool of myself for You it has increased the attraction. 
On our next call i want You to abuse me in any way you like.  I am into everything as long as You are receiving enjoyment at my expense.  -Loser mark 

$20 ptv mail: The candle stick was 
nice, time
-you'll need something big and black;)

Are you ssying that you want me to buy a big black dildo?  i guess it should be a real looking dick for the best effect.  What else should i do to prepare for our next call?  

$20 ptv mail: Big
-Dildo    yes...  I want it to look Real!   
have a ruler handy when you call next time too.

LM:  Now we are talking.  The more humiliating and the nastier it gets the more i like it.  i know that you want me to tell you what i am into, but i am more concerned with what you enjoy.  What do you enjoy watching on cam?  We were on 80 minutes last time.  That is a long time to sit there and watch someone's cam unless you are having fun.  Don't be afraid to mix it up with me.  i promise you that i will enjoy it.

LM:  You know that you are turning me on tonight. i wish i could call, but the wife will be home soon. 

- i was trying to

LM:  i need to serve You in any way that you see fit. oh by the way i think give $5 too my feet is my favorite recording if i remember correctly. i am into worshiping you head to toe.

- sounds perfect

LM: Yes it does. I am a very visual person and would love high res pics of Your perfect soles. It'll just make me weaker.

- lucky you -- i just got a pedi this afternoon

LM:  That just tented my pants...haha okay a really small tent!

$20 ptv: Smalles tent

LM:  in anticipation of You taking foot pictures i bought the pair of shoes for You that were on Your wishlist. 

$30 ptv mail: 3 pics of my
perfectly pedicured feet:)
-get on your knees and kiss my feet loser!

LM:  Thank you those pictures are awesome. i would gladly get down on my knees and worship those perfect feet.

$20 ptv mail: ?????
know what would make me really happy....   ??
 if you have me a hint as to where to take it from here ;)   nasty huh ?   :)  what kind of nasty ??

  You know this must sound ridiculous, but i don't really know what i want. i really don't have any limits (that i am aware of).  i am into You from head to toe.  i love a beautiful set of feet, a hot ass, breasts to die for, basically i love the entire woman's body.  i am also into forced bi, humiliation, financial domination (a bit) and i am really not sure what else.  i know that this is hard for You trying to figure out what i like.  i think that i like anything that you do with Your other callers. i know that you asked if i like pain...i would like to try it (moderate).  Whatever fetish/kink you enjoy i would like to try. 

$20 ptv mail: F
-I get a lil more info out of you....

so far  for our next call....
-a big black dildo
-ruler / measuring tape
-candle sticks
-and a full bladder;)

LM: The first time i contacted You was humiliation assignment 1.  i am not sure what made me buy it or complete it.  it's  is not something that i would have thought of nor done on my own.  It is what brought me into Your realm.  If Your draw from Your experience and make me try all different sorts of kink i am sure the results will be outstanding.  

LM:  this could get really interesting. we spent 80 minutes with candles and markers. I might need to free up an entire night
 what else do You enjoy?

- anything that makes you look like a bitch

LM: that i am. everyone who knows me thinks that i am a man's man. haha. whatever You want to do to me i will do eagerly. i love the thought of transfering full power to You.

- you're going to have to be on your knees more next time
- maybe some oinking
-and barking like a dog

LM: yes Goddess, as you command.
LM: do i get a picture of You wearing the shoes i bought when You receive them? Doing some spoiling of You is fun too.


LM: we may need to take You clothes shopping if i get pictures of You wearing them!

- what a great idea 

LM: a great idea that makes me hard. You have got me by the balls, and it feels great.   the more You have me do the more submissive i will become. i can feel it already. Use me like Your little bitch

- you Are My little bitch

LM:  Yes i am and it is the greatest feeling. i am so lucky!

$20 ptv mail: More proof
-that you're My bitch...
you opened this just because I told you to ;)

LM: that email was good... i really am Your little bitch


more pay-to-view emails for Loser Mark:

$10 ptv mail: Shopping list..
big black dildo, pink panties, etc etc...
-did you get everything we talked about last night ?

no not yet.  i had to go into work earlir than expected today.

$10 ptv mail: so you were busy at work today....
I hope you still had time to
think about  making a fool oh yourself on cam for me soon ;)

Oh yeah you know it.  Thanks for the photos last night they are great.  i am always looking to expand my collection of photos of the woman who is stealing my dignity and making me her sissy bitch.

$35 ptv mail:
more pics
to add to your collection ;)
I'd love to have you kneeling on the floor at my feet:)

LM:  Beautiful long legs, Perfectly pedicured feet, breast to die for, the best ass on niteflirt...How do You keep Yourself grounded and not get conceited? Makes me tremble just thinking about it, nad on top of that a you enjoy doinating and humiliating losers like me...Your perfect

LM:  dominating(spelling) You're perfect (spelling) i have to start proof reading

$30 ptv mail: took a new pic for ya...
4LoserMark.jpg picture by belladaisy27
-I don't need you to spell correctly... I need you to suck big black cock!! 

LM: i look like a big enough sissy, loser, bitch, etc etc at least i should be able to type and spell. (at least a little)
 little tent from that mail 

$30 ptv mail:
OH MY GOD omg omg omg!!!
little tent from the mail....
-that is the gayest thing ever!!  the thought of me making you suck big black dick gets your cock hard -- you are suck a loser!!! 
i love it! LOL

LM: You are looking forward to me sucking cock for You. the thought of You enjoying it turns me on! 

-i love turning manly men (which you appear to be) into my little cock sucking bitch boys

LM:  that's funny you say that. i am considered a manly man. You know likes to fish, watch sports, isn't afraid of hard work or getting dirty, and You have me completly whipped. ready to do ANYTHING that you command of me.


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