belladaisy22xo (belladaisy22xo) wrote,

Wed & Thurs.
Wed. I sent sox/LoserMark  a
$10 pay-to-view mail: Did you complete
shopping list?
LM:  i didn't buy my big black dildo yet. We do not have a store close. The closest is 35 minutes away.  sorry
Friday i will have the time to go out and complete my shopping list. hopefully i'll be able to call this weekend and make a complete ass of myself.  i can't wait until our next call/cam show.
$20 pay-to-view mail: This is what I can't wait to see....
you wearing a
pink thong...  with a candle stick in your ass and a big black cock in your mouth:)
LM:  i'm such a sissy. you've got me excited with that email.
it is going to be great. i want you to use and abuse me. make me your bitch.
**My last caller couldn't get the cam to work.. I'm going to send you my cam for a few seconds - just tell me if it works**
-It worked right away, no problem...
Loser mark said...  'little tent'
$20 pay-to-view mail: popping little
seems to happen a lot lately ;)
i'll take that as a compliment
i mean... I'd like a BIG tent
but i know that's all you can get
LM: You make it as big as it gets.   i can't help myself you have me in a constant state of arousal.  Between your beauty and dominating personality i am completely pussy whipped for you. 
Then Loser Mark called for 40 minutes of humiliation:)
LM:  thanks for the call tonight. You are awesome. I still can't believe how nervous i was speaking with You.
LM: the new shoes on your wishlist... are those for me to buy?
-maybe ;)
LM: maybe?  You even tease me about buying items off of Your wishlist
*he bought 2 pairs of heels from my Amazon wish list*
LM: hehe that will be more pics for me!
-lol yes loser.
LM: i am a truly pathetic sissy bitch for You,  but being Your bitch turns me on in a BIG way okay a small way haha
$20 pay-to-view: you said..
"i am a truly pathetic sissy bitch for You"
-did you JUST NOW realize this??????
because I've know since day 1  ;)
LM: yeah i think shopping for a big black dick might have done it...
$35 pay-to-view mail: more pics ;) I know you love the high res ....
I am just too good to you :)
kiss them bitch boy!
LM: to have Your perfect feet on my face, your perfect toes in my mouth would be out of this world!
I had a new caller... DorkyWhimp - call my cam line for 40 minutes.  I saw he called my recordings a few weeks ago, but finally called me live:)
Bitchboy Sam called...  we picked out a couple trannies for him to hook up with online.
WmnRule sent me a $40 tribute... just because;)
Thursday started out with 2 new cam callers...
One loser from Florida and another named Craig..
Craig was wearing his wife's blue thong when he called.  Let's just say his wife doesn't have to worry about him stretching it out ;)
1Hot Boy called to worship his Princess:)
After sox/Loser Mark opened the pics I sent him late the night before he replied
LM:i would love to wear those beautiful legs as earmuffs.  i'd show you what i am good for! 
LM: i can't stay away. i need my Goddess Donna fix every night!!!
$20 pay-to-view mail: 2 things I think you'd be
good at...
Worshipping my ass And my pussy!  ((I knew that would get him going LOL))
LM: i'd love to worship Your pussy and  ass for hours on end.  You know that i already worship Your feet.  Those big beautiful breasts....oh man i'm getting myself worked up.  i have to keep it under control until Saturday!  You have me completely addicted.  i am dying to humiliate myself on cam for Your pleasure, and i would love to take You shopping on Amazon some more.
$20 pay-to-view mail: Have you ever been...
-fucked with a strap-on?
LM:  no i have not, but i would jump at the opportunity to get fucked by YOU! 
$20 pay-to-view: Is it wrong that...
the though of..
me making you my bitch really turns me on?
There's just something about owning a "manly man" that gets me excited ;)
LM:is it wrong that i want to be Your bitch and get fucked hard by You with strap on? it really excites me, and the thought of you enjoying it makes it twice as nice!
$20 pay-to-view mail:  Did you...
-stroke it today?
LM: Yes i did. i jerked off to the pictures that You sent me.  Just looking at You in all of Your perfection turns me on.  i had to release today because there is no way that i would have made it to Saturday without it.    Is it okay that i stroke to Your pictures? 
$30 pay-to-view mail:  :(
awww no good....
you  have got to start asking permission!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 LM: i'm sorry. You were not around and i couldn't help myself.  You have me in a constant state of arousal. 
$30 pay-to-view mail: :)
constant state of arousal.
I'm planning on keeping you like that for a very long time...
I want your cock to jump every time you think of me!
LM:  You are doing a great job of that.  i am enslaved to You by my dick.  The photos, the emails, the sucking dick for You, getting fucked by You, being humiliated by You, ass worship, foot worship has all come together in a perfect storm of sexual energy.  i am not sure what exactly will happen on Saturday, but i am sure it will be orgasmic.  i love being teased by You.  all i want to do is perform for You and spoil You.  I have checked Your wishlist hoping new items would show up! -Your Bitch mark
$30 pay-to-view mail: you're doing a good job of...
spoiling and performing for me...  Saturday is going to be a lot of fun.   I haven't had a chance to add to my wishlist - I get so busy with calls, emails, and IM's from callers.  ((I know most girls would be loading it up))  but I like to search through the site and make sure it's something I'm really going to like and wear.
LM: oh yeah and this constant state of arousal is without what i really covet YOUR ASS! can You imagine the possibilities...
TinyPP Matt called...  he sent a picture while we were on the phone.. and wanted to know what I thought...  well  Matt is a good looking guy with a hot body....until...he takes of his shorts:(   I'm seeing a lot of disappointed women in his future! ;) 
PrincessMindysFootSlave called me for about 25 minutes of being used and abused...and wanting to worship my feet.  He's such a loser.
MissMarvin called me...wearing 5 inch heels and lingerie....with cock sucker red lipstick.  He's such a good little slut, he can't wait to be whored out.
-after the call he sent a $30 'Pay for my pedicure' Tribute...  thanks Marvin ;)
Cyberguy called my cam line for an hour.  I had so much fun teasing him for masturbating Three times a day with a rubber pussy.  He's an extra special loser... and because of that he got to send me a $30 "pay for my pedicure" tribute  and then a $50 "pay for my night out with the girls" tribute before I let him finish;)

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