belladaisy22xo (belladaisy22xo) wrote,

Friday and Saturday.....

 Friday I took a few calls during the day...  then came back on at night...

-My longtime caller CuckJim called to talk about how is wife is always whoring it up with black guys.  

-Then my AdoringFootSlave Nick surprised me with a phone call:)

-Mike from Chicago called from work...  
he's been trying to call all week, but with his annoying wife always around  he had to sneak in a call at work;) lol loser.

-A new Mike called "Cuck Mike" said his girlfriend is always fucking other guys, once he watched her have sex with some guy they met online.  She's also having sex with his BOSS, so there's nothing he can do about it.  Another is her ex-boyfriend... but being a loser that he is     he's going to let it keep happening.   Well Mike - maybe if you knew how to SATISFY her   
she wouldn't be fucking anything with a dick (bigger than yours)

-Marco from London called.... he's a little cock sucking  cuck loser.  He called my cam line, we talked (ok more like I humiliated him for a little bit) then he hung up.  but a few minutes later the loser was IMing me saying he needed to call back :)   which he did right away :)  That was a cute attempt at staying away Marco... you lasted a whole 5 minutes ;)

-PrincessMindysFootslave was back again and bought foot pics of my pretty pink toes.

- Tiny dick pieman Neal called for more small penis humiliation:)

-Loser Leo my sissy boy in Canada called again.

-Wow called with his tool box ready for some CBT. 

-Mikey called a few times last night - he's always good for a fun time:)

-sox/Loser Mark completed his shopping list for our call this weekend.  One of the things I made him buy was a big black dildo...

he was so excited about it  that as soon as he got home he had to talk to me and show me on cam  what a good cock sucker he is! 

$20 pay-to-view mail: You just couldn't
you just HAD to have that BIG BLACK COCK in your MOUTH!!!!!!!!!!!

LM: you know i can't wait!

he was going to towm on that thing...

$20 pay-to-view mail: now that's talent;)
you're a natural with that big fat black cok 

$20 pay-to-view mail: you were made
to suck cock!
you're so into it too!  nice work loser!!!

Then he starts jerking this big black dildo and says...
"so that's what jerking a real dick feels like" "no money shot...booo   haha"

$25 pay-to-view mail: The
bet you would love a face full of cum!!  so gay!!

LM:  haha nice email! how'd you know?  You are tuning me into a full fledged fag! LOL

$25 pay-to-view mail: Can't forget...
the balls
Look at the way you lick and suck them!!

LM: i am looking forward to being used and abused tomorrow by YOU! i am not sure that i will be able to stand the anticipation!
*so we set up another cam call for tonight... Saturday around 7pm*

sox/Loser Mark was ready and waiting for me when I signed on...
he sends his cam and he's wearing pink lace panties, had Big Black, a candle stick, markers, and a measuring tape.

First I made him take the marker and draw circles around his nipples and big smiley face on his stomach.  On his chest I had him write "I Love Big Black Cock"
Under his belly button said "Little Dick"
I also had him draw 2 big dicks on either side of his chest  facing his head:)  

Then went right to showing me how much he loves the cock...
so I sent him a
$30 pay-to-view mail: for loving all
8 inches
Of Big Black;)

he spent over an hour truley out gaying himself... then it was time to worship my feet:)
so I made him pay for my $30 pedicure....twice ;)    before he went back to being a sissy cock sucker.

measured his little penis a few times during the call too:)  tiny lil thing compared to that big and thick 8 inch cock he was sucking on all night.

We ended up doing the can call for about an hour an a half...  
after the call he sent me a $25 tribute that said:
Thanks for the great call.  I'm exhausted.  Being Your little bitch is hard work!

-lol -- you did a great job  cock sucker ;)

LM: Thank You for making me Your sissy cocksucking Bitch! It was a great call. I love sucking dick for YOU! Now THAT is GAY!! LOL!!haha

$25 pay-to-view mail: Yes.. it is!!!!!

LM:  HA ! nice choice in the color of the letters!  i am completly powerless against YOU.  i just want to serve You, and i would love to take You shopping! All i can think of is sucking for You, being taken by You and Your strapon, being Your little foot boy...  OMG i really am pathetic, but i love every second of it.  i am such a loser!  

$25 pay-to-view mail: Well my little foot boy...
I'll be sure to
add to my wishlist for you later tonight ;)

LM:  Wow...that got my cock good and hard quick!  Do you mind that i am completly whipped for You and that i am constantly IM'ing and emailing YOU?  i do not want to bother YOU, but i feel the constant need to  worship  You my Perfect Goddess

$25 pay-to-view mail: Do I mind that you are
COMPLETELY Whipped....???
-I wouldn't have it any other way ;) 

LM:   i would love an ass photo, but it is obvious that You do not need to give me a high res ass shot.  i am Your little sissy cocksucking foot slave without the picture.  What would i have to do to deserve a gift as nice as Your ass?  i am Yours for the taking.  Name the task that i need to complete and i would do it in a heartbeat.   Then again You do not need to give me anything as i would complete any order from You as fast as i could with or without a reward.  
Your sissy little bitch mark


-pieman tiny dick Neal was back again tonight for more teasing.

sox/ Loser Mark just sent me an email: 
LM: i purchased 3 books off of Your wishlist.  i just feel the intense desire to spoil You tonight.  i want to give it all to YOU.  i want to give You money, buy You presents, and suck cock for You.  (that is REALLY gay) LOL
the more i serve You the stonger the desire to serve You becomes!  It is a never ending cycle that just sucks me in more and more.


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