belladaisy22xo (belladaisy22xo) wrote,

around 2  this moring 1HotBoy called to check in and send his nightly tribute:)  I can always count on my loyal pussy boy;)

When I woke up today I saw I had a bunch of credits to my account...

Sissy Joy bought Loser Assignments #1 and #2.  Nice job completing the first one loser!  Oh... and what pretty sandals you were wearing sissyboy!

sox/Loser Mark emailed me this morning:
LM: Whipped...   i am beyond whipped.  Thanks for updating Your amazon.  I made a purchase for You this morning.  i have come to the conclusion that i am Your little sissy cocksucking foot slave, shopping slut. and most importantly i am Your BITCH

also paid for another $30. pedicure...
i am such a loser.  i had to pay for Your pedicure again.  -Your little bitch mark

that's 3 pedi's you paid for in 2 days loser!  LOL keeping my feet pampered... such a good bitch!

You are training me very well.  The carry over effect of yeterdays call is tremendous.  i woke up needing to serve You in any way possible.  It could be shopping for You on Amazon, paying for You to be pampered, or working for You by slutting myself out.  i am a complete and total loser.  i am eting the camera and memory card on amazon, but i think that i need a little inspiration from my Goddess to make the purchase.  it could be a picture or just a demand that i buy it. and it will be yours.
-Your cocksucker mark

$10 pay-to-view mail: Inspiration huh ? ;)
I was going to attach a picture, but then I decided   you're here to serve ME!!...  you'll get another picture when I feel like it!  As for now, go ahead and show me what a good BITCH you are cock sucker.... and buy me the new camera and memory card to go with it... especially since you keep begging for high res photos!!

LM:  It has been purchased Goddess.  Thank You for putting me in my place where i belong.  At Your feet groveling and serving You. 

$25 pay-to-view mail: at My feet

right where you belong you pink panty wearing Big Black cock sucking loser of MINE!

LM:  It is humbling.  i have gone from a confident man to a little pink panty wearing cocksucking bitch for You.  Your power is intoxicating.  i am a helpless little bitch.  Pathetic isn't it? 
*then while I was out with friends today...he paid another $30 pedicure tribute and did more shopping on my wishlist .

4 times in 2 days i have paid for your pedicure.  Since i will be spending all of my time on the floor groveling at Your feet i want to keep them as beautiful as they are now.  Ever since You had me buy a big black cock and suck it for You i am completly submissive.  The only thing that i want to do is serve my Goddess.
-Sissy cocksucker mark 

i just love serving You in any way.  i made another purchase off of Your wishlist.  i think that it would be good to start sending amazon gift cards so You can save up to get the Plasma TV.  Could You please send me the email address that You want those to go to.
-Your sissy cocksucker mark

i have a submissive streak, but You have definitetly have brought my submission to the forefront and multiplied it one hundred fold.  i want to be the best little bitch for You that i can.  This includes tributing and spoiling You even when You are offline.  You have taught me the pleasure of letting go of all control to a beautiful Goddess.  Thank You for making me Your little sissy bitch.


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