belladaisy22xo (belladaisy22xo) wrote,

I guess it's been too long since I had to deal with an asshole....   

I had this  caller tonight.. he called and asked for my eyeball id... I told him I only use Yahoo...I said... do you have Yahoo...  he hung up.
Then he emails me saying I hung up on him.  Then he IM's me on Yahoo (( how did he know my Yahoo id??)) -- because he's done this before -- makes up names  and calls me and other girls  long enough to leave bad feedback...

We ended up doing a 5 minute call ((he's wearing pink panties and wants to suck cock, wishes he was a girl, etc)  then he asked to see my tits...  so I say -- did you read my listing?  I don't do that -- you called a DOMINATION -  MISTRESS line.  and he let it go-- we talked a couple more minutes and it was time to add money, but he didn't.

As you all know... Yahoo freezes twice in the beginning of the call... 1 quick freeze and then the 2nd one is a lil longer... happens to everyone...   I told him that and he freaked out.  

So he goes and leaves one bullshit feedback saying I hung up on him... which is stupid...  WHY would I hang up on a paying caller???

Then he sends me all these horrible IM's... I told him to leave me alone... and he wouldn't stop.   He said I should use Eyeball and I told him how my new computer - with Windows Vista,  eyeball doesn't work right...   so he left another feedback...
I said... ok  you left the feedback.... you win... don't ever contact me again....

he says... Oh no, this is fun, I've got nothing, but time.... I'm going to keep making names and leaving more... I'll pay the $3  just to keep leaving you bad feedback and make sure no one ever calls you!
...  I said go ahead... NiteFlirt will notice the pattern and delete it!  
So I called him a panty wearing cock sucker and told him to go fuck himself...   then put him on ignore.

Mistresses1/14/2008---------------1 starHmmmm well I was dumb enough to call her again. DO NOT GO WITH THIS GIRL. Pleanty of better girls out there. After 5 minutes of her cam freezing on yahoo (because she won't use eyeball???) she explains to me that her cam "always freezes twice"...wouldn't be so bad if it didn't lock up for a minute each time. She didn't say much, and definitely wasn't into it. So if you like long awkward pauses while you stare at a frozen webcam on yahoo...go for it...but don't complain when you waste $3 a minute when there are other hot girls on here who use eyeball and get vocal with you. 
Mistresses1/14/2008----1 starPicked up the phone and when I asked her to add me so I could see her cam she hung up on me...Definitely not cool.  

I get about 15 - 20 satisfied callers a day...((would be nice if you guys would leave feedback!! lol))
 once in a while there's always that one asshole who gets off on leaving bad feedback. 
So he can go ahead and make new member names and pay $3 to leave me bad feedback.... I have so many loyal callers who will come right after him and his feedback will be lost!!!!!



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