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OMG she finally updated her journal ;)

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Sissy Michell isn't going to let the wife, Taco ruin our fun. Even though a snooping Taco found (and threw out) a bag full of dresses, night gowns, and a chastity cage...there is plenty more where that came from...and it was just another excuse for me to do even more Sissy Shopping for Michell. My good girl encouraged me to do some Amazon shopping for myself and handed over an extra $650 in tributes. Then she surprised me with a $200 Victoria's Secret gift card.
 photo ToMakeItBetter.jpg

 photo del1_2.jpg Sissy Slave Del stopped by for a couple training sessions and sent me $1,000 because she knows how good it feels to give to me. Sissy would be lost without me, I give her purpose.

Sissy Slut Jenny has been doing such a good job following my rules and proving that she can be my good girl and not just a slut.
 photo jen-atm.jpg

My Sissy ATM was happy to hand over $1,040.

 photo jenny-bitch1.jpg

 photo slutj2.jpg

Being the BOSS of TDY is so much fun. Especially when it comes time to decide how his cash and credit cards should be used. I decided he should send me $1,070. and then I did a lil shopping on his cards. He gets So excited when he checks the balance and sees I went shopping whenever I feel like it.

My bitch Lion called the bank to make a payment and they pulled up an older line of credit that I made him get years ago. I was happy to start milking him...$1,530 so far, but of course I won't stop until it's dry... and then I'll just make him apply for more! As always... at least 30 edges a night and No release for him!

After making TomM grab a dildo and put on his pink panties... I enjoyed taking $750 from him. Next step... chastity. Don't be scared, Tom ;)

 photo benbmail----------2.jpg
Blackmail Bitch Ben was back for more word games. Of course he still can't beat me and ended up having to pay me $382.

Whipped Puppy can't say no -- he can't resist -- and he knows the only option he to Obey. I wanted $550 from him, so that's exactly what I got, while he got Denied! No release!

 photo pippy-p-1.jpg

I took a quick $200 from Piggy P and then sent the lil dick loser back to work.

New boy "Trix" found me on YouTube and just had to call me on NiteFlirt. I had him in the zone, focusing and tributing. He ended up sending $200 in tributes and spent another $160 on the call. That's it... just click and pay...

New boy Veg called after buying my Loser Assignments. I ended up making him edge and pay $90 before letting him go .

New Loser Chad called for some raise the rate fun.

Canada Steve called...I had him send $90 in tributes as he stayed on the phone hiding and hoping his wife didn't come home and catch him.

Drone for Bella continues to call while hiding from his wife. That's ok, bitch...let her catch you and tell her you're my foot slave!

JimG knows he can't deny how good it feels to give money to his Princess. No use fighting it, it feels so much better when you're pleasing Me. Jim was a good boy as usual and sent me $350.

Fist Fucker Fay spent $240 on humiliating clips telling him just how pathetic he is. Of course he had to keep coming back for more.

Sissy Damian is getting closer to whoring himself out on Craigslist (with my help..sometimes sissies just need a lil push ;)

I took a quick $70 from Swedish Loser M as he continued to chug his beer and be a waste of life.

Blackmail Bitch Bill calls pretty often after I made him send me pics from the glory hole. I think it's time he creates a NF listing so I can start whoring him out to the boys and of course sending me all of his earnings:)

Tranny cock sucker Carlos is hoping to be able to go by "Cum Guzzler Carlos" very soon. He wants to swallow his first tranny load by the new year.

Cuck Ian knows he's a worthless oinking cuckold bitch. He's addicted to being used, so I've enjoyed using and humiliating him more often lately.

Sub Josh called to serve and repeat his words to live by. I give you purpose!

Cupcake Sissy was ready to go with his pink panties on and dildo in his mouth.

Speaking of cock suckers... Chicago Mikey has his eye on some tranny cock. At least he's not pretending it's just about wrestling. I have a feeling the tranny he meets will have him on his knees in no time ;)

Cuck Skylar called to be humiliated. I kept him on the phone for a while, but when I was done with the lil dick loser, I made him hang up and tribute his remaining balance.

Cowboy A wants to be a better boy for me. He's doing a good job so far.. stepping up the tributes and calling to check in more often... even if that means he has to sneak a call to serve his Mistress.


Loser Mark and 1HB have both stepped it up lately. I think it's time for a 3way with both of their wallets. should I make my boys entertain me?;)

 photo Red-Toes-1.jpg 3 pics for my foot slaves

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$20 Small Penis Tax

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