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Sissy David had so many new outfits to model for me. She loves showing off her pretty new dresses and heels. Sissy knows how important it is to keep me happy and give me whatever I want... she wants to make sure she can get my attention...and abuse. David knows she was born to work for me, serve me, and give me she was so excited when I took $5,920.

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 photo del6_3.jpg  photo del4_2.jpg  photo del9_1.jpg  photo del111.jpg

 photo goodsissymichell.jpg

Sissy Michell spent some time in chastity... after trying so many different cages, Bird Locked seems to be the winner. Lucky for Michell...the wife, Taco has been buying new dresses lately... that just means more dress up time when Taco isn't home....or passed out asleep and I make Michell put on something pretty. My good girl gave me $1,400 and some wish list presents.

I have 24 hour access to a hidden cam in Michell's office. So whenever I feel like doing a Panty Check, Michell has to get up and go in there... even when Taco's in there and he could easily be caught. Here's Michell lifting up her shirt to show the red panties peeking out above her shorts... and that's the back of Taco's head in the bottom corner, lol.
 photo sischeck1.jpg

 photo sisruffles1.jpg

 photo Michell-will----click.jpg


TDY always appreciates me helping him make financial decisions. He also loves when I help him apply for new credit cards. When I gave "our" new Macy's card a $600 workout, the bank called his house to confirm the purchase since it was billed to him (of course) but shipped to me. Unfortunately he missed the call, so the voicemail went to his wife's email... quick thinking TDY, called back to confirmed the purchases and then ordered a cheap, $30 watch for his wife. $600 for his Boss...$30 for the wife.... yes, just the way I like it;) Of course he also handed over $2,760 in tributes because whatever I say - goes. He knows when it comes to his money, the Boss knows Best!

I had fun maxing out my bitch Lion's credit card for $975. You'd think after milking all that money that I must have let him release... Nope! Ache bitch, ache!

TomM also spent some time in the Bird Locked cage. Even though he didn't spend as much time as planned locked up, I still enjoyed taking a quick $900. That's ok, my plans for him this weekend include pink panties, the cage locked, and a dildo in his mouth as I empty his wallet.

Whipped Puppy handed over an easy $600... it's so easy to get what I want when I have him so weak for my cleavage control.

 photo JimG-1.jpg

JimG tries to fight it, but he can't help how good it feels to be my good boy and send me money...of course it's even harder to fight it when he's focused on my cleavage;) My good boy sent me and extra $350 in tributes during our calls.

I've got Phil exactly where I want him.... addicted.
Even though he's been a good boy - sending tributes, buying my goodies over and over again, and paying $20/min for videos... he's still denied.

Phil: "
-"i TRIED not to think of you. I tried to save money. I quit Niteflirt, and deleted all da pics i had eva bought off of my laptop. I was doing so SO SO well. Then I thought of you and went on your blog. I ended up falling so much harder than ever. You are the greatest of all time."

-"Btw, I'm not sure if this is what u meant by aching. But I'm literally starting to ache(as in blue balls). This is my first time experiencing it, but I learned that it's not dangerous so I'll bear with it. BUT PLEASE PLEASE PLEASEEEEEEE tell me u have at least some date in your head. cuz this is taking over my mental life."

-"Words can't express how much i think of you. All day. It's embarrassing to think that u could record a one or two minute video and have me in this state for days while u go about ur normal life. all i want to do is get more money from you."

-"A friend of mine has wanted to buy one of my games off me for a while now and i kept telling him no. But i agreed to give it to him for 50 bucks because i can't wait until the 7th for another video. i've never been in a state like this before. Pllllllleeeeeeassse let me cuuuum. You are too sexy."

-"I can't help it.....your cleavage drives me soooooooooooooooooo crazy. Please I want to be your good boy. I want you to smile. I love you so goddamn much you can't even imagine. You really are the cruelest/sweetest angel."


Good boy Gary continues to click and pay for my cleavage vids. He can't help but ache when he's focused on my cleavage right in his face. photo gar1_1.jpg


Fist Fucker Fay can't say no to my cleavage either. He'll send me an email asking to buy a video or 2 because that's all he can afford. But I know if I keep sending them, he can't resist and has to open them. I enjoyed humiliating this little dick, drunken loser while he clicked and paid $510 in PTV mail.
-"It is so Damn Unfair how you use your beauty and those Big Wonderful Soft Heavy Warm Tits of yours to make such a Thick Stack of Money off of pathetic Lonely Pin Dick losers like me."

( this one made me laugh, I didn't update my journal - I sent him more Pay mail instead) -"You will please stop being a Mean Bitch and update your journal? I've been looking forward to Beating Off to your journal since last year .... please?"

-"I can't help it, but I am so very much in love with you ... even though you are so damn Mean and Unfair!"


 photo losermmmmmmarkus.jpg

Swedish Loser M was drained of $675 as he drank beer and vodka and begged for more humiliation and exposure.

I took a quick $200 from Piggy P - the little dick loser knows he's only good for money.
 photo piggyp-new.jpg

I always have fun with my Raise the Rate bitches...

I had Bitch Bryan send me a $50 tribute, then decided to hang up on him and raise the rate.

Scrawny Scott knows he has to pay extra for my attention. Even though he was on a long drive home, he had to jump at the chance and call when he saw my NF lines were on. Of course I had to raise the rate on the grunting piggy loser!

 photo Steve-2.jpg

Loser Steve has to send tributes whenever I tell him to... what else could he be good for?

Blackmail Bitch Bill sent me more pics to add to his exposure collection. Including a close up pic of him down on his knees being the cock sucker that he is -at a glory hole. I made him admit and repeat over and over again... no one made him go to the glory hole, he's just a cock sucker.

Chicago Mikey continues with his super gay submission wrestling... even doing photo shoots now! How humiliating to be pinned down on the mat (while wearing a pink singlet) and have a wimpy looking guy smoother you with his package in your face? It's ok... Mikey loved every minute of it ;)


Cupcake Sissy always wears the cutest Victoria's Secret lingerie when calling to serve me. Always pretty in pink (and a dildo in her mouth) ... just how I like my girls ;)

Drone for Bella continues to call to serve me, while whispering and hiding from his wife.


VA has been doing some wish list shopping... according to him - I am his religion. In that case slave boy, I think you're gonna have to do a lot more shopping to prove yourself.
 photo snowb1.jpg
I had Loser Mark (the pastry fucker) go to a gas station and pick out these SnoBalls...of course the loser couldn't wait to get to his car and tear open the package, lol. When he's not busy fucking pastries, I've got him in his wife's lingerie entertaining me on cam. A big congrats to Mark - he finally ate his cum... good job, LOSER! LOL
Next up... a 3 way humiliating session with 1Hb... I'm going to enjoy seeing how far I can push them to impress me:)


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