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Good boys don't fight it

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Good boys don't fight it.

As always, I'm in control of TDY's money and credit cards. He has to check with me before making any purchases with the credit cards that I helped him get. If I think he's trying to buy something unnecessary, I let him know he's wasting money that should be going to me. Since I'm the Boss and I take what I want... I helped myself to $2,690. ($1,820 cash and then went shopping and charged another $870 ) --- I mean really, since I'm the one that helped him apply for the cards, I should be the one to use them ;)
 photo red-fay-gif.gif

I've got Lil Dick Fay so weak and addicted. He keeps saying he's going to stop buying my videos, yet he can't go more than a few days without begging for more of my humiliation. I enjoyed teasing the pin dick and taking an easy $1,260.

 photo Tom-will.jpg
Speaking of easy... TomM knows when I tell him to go put on his panties... he's about to be wallet raped. I took $1,000 from Tom as I made him suck on a dildo in his pretty lace trim panties.

Sissy Michell loves the way it feels knowing I'm in control. She's always ready for random panty checks, even if the wife - Taco Tess is home... Michell stops what she's doing and stands in front of the web cam I have running 24/7.
Of course it's much more fun when Tess isn't home... then Michell is able to slip into pretty dresses like a good girl should. We've been making some progress in Michell's exposure. She's been reposted a lot lately on some sissy outing web sites. My good girl gave me $500 and is happy to give up more control.
 photo mich-pink_1.jpg
 photo 3f405f93-0dc5-4c19-ad6a-fc4a039c9e97.jpg  photo mich-dresss.jpg

Here's Loser Mark wearing his wife's lingerie.
 photo mark1.jpg  photo mark2_1.jpg
This cum eating loser has been stepping it up lately to entertain me. With all the pastry fucking, couch humping, legs over the head-release on his face.... I most enjoyed giving him 5 minutes to leave the office and run to his car in the middle of the work day so I could raise the rate on him and humiliate him...I love how badly he needs my attention ;)

 photo PinkLaceCleavageGif.gif

Good Boy Gary clicked $120 in Pay-to-views for my cleavage. Good boys give their money to my cleavage.

VA-Slave is so afraid of me turning him into a sissy, he hung up on me during our call. :) I let him apologize by sending a tribute. I knew he couldn't stay away though... after all, my breasts are his religion;)

I milked my bitch Lion for $485. First he asked me not to take any more, but then I had him begging me to milk him as I made him say "Donna owns me" over and over again even though his wife was right upstairs. I've had him by the balls for years and he gets deeper under my control every day.

JimG can't say no....even when he sometimes wants to... he knows it feels much better to give me what I want, send me money, and make his Princess happy. My good boy sent an extra $165 in tributes during our calls.

1HB is back in business.... sending lots of tributes and wish list shopping while sitting at my feet, waiting for my attention.

Sissy Greg called to serve me while wearing his purple and black panties. His little dicklet belongs in chastity. He was a good sissy and thanked me with a tribute after our call.

Loser Kody knows he's nothing but a lil dick loser. With only 3 little inches... all he can do is pay to stroke.

Scrawny Scott knows he'll never be a real man, he'll never be a stud - of course I had to raise the rate on him.

 photo fed1f1d9-9f08-4699-9d83-006536beddc4.jpg Cuck Loser Brad - this oinking loser knows he doesn't deserve his money and should give it away to real men.

Tranny cock sucker Carlos is aching to be whored out. He wants to pay me for every cock I make him suck.

Robot Jeff - the mindless, drinking robot - he knows his purpose is to work for me.

 photo swedM_1.jpg Swedish Loser M continues to drink and be drained.

BenG from Nyack, NY.... definitely hasn't been keeping up with our agreement... it's like he wants to be exposed ;)


GC's from 1HB and Loser Mark...
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