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I'm back

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I'm back from vacation... I ended up taking about 12 days off instead of a week. I had a great time with friends and family at the beach house that Cuckie JJ paid for. He's still taking care of his assigned expenses like he has been for so many years - paying for vacation rentals and my Eagles season tickets.

My good boy TDY is on a long vacation, so I made sure to have him send me extra tributes before leaving. $3,868 to keep his Boss happy. Of course him being out of the country doesn't mean I won't continue to shop with his credit cards. I'm sure he'll be excited to return home and check the balances.

 photo del2_3.jpg photo del5_1.jpg photo del3_2.jpg
Sissy David/Financial Slave Del loves modeling all the new clothes she gets. She can't deny it feels so good to be a girl. It feels even better to please your Mistress and work for me. My panty wearing sissy slut sent me $1,950 because she knows she was born to serve me.

 photo 1472ab1f-267a-4dd9-8a9e-4ad41c9b11d2.jpg photo 686a7eed-f208-42ae-8887-d868ae65c3f1.jpg
Look at Sissy Slut Jenny my Certified Bitch being a good girl, wearing her panties and slut necklace to work every day. Jenny's good for being my Salon bitch... hair salon, nail salon - I just send her a picture of my receipt and my money pet instantly sends me money (plus extra) to cover the bill. Between some salon trips and tribute just because I told her to - Jenny sent me $1,165.

 photo mich-pink-ruffles1.jpg photo pinkruffles2.jpg
How cute is Sissy Michell in all of her ruffles! With Taco Tess away on vacation, Michell was finally able to slip into her pink sissy dress and matching bloomers. I usually post Michell's pics on sissy exposure sites a few times a week. Yesterday we posted the ruffle pics and the reposts have been nonstop.

Controlled by my cleavage...

 photo pink-gif-maker.gif

Whipped Puppy is so weak for my cleavage, he can not say no. There's no fighting it...he knows he has to give his money to my cleavage. When I tell him to tribute, he knows he must obey. I took $960 from my whipped bitch, but he is still denied. I like to keep him weak and aching.

Speaking of denied...I don't think I'll ever let my bitch Lion release. I enjoyed making him beg me to take his money as I milked a quick $130. Stroke and edge, bitch... no cumming for you!

JimG can not say no to the Princess either. $330 in tributes because it feels so good to please me and be a good boy. Just focus on my cleavage, then send another tribute ;)

Good Boy Gary continues to open my stroke and pay mails. Gary knows he needs to stroke and stare over and over again.

 photo pp-7-1.jpg

I took a quick $400 from Piggy P... loser piggy knows he is useless without his wallet.

Sub Banny ended up spending all of his birthday money to me. Of course he has to pay extra for my attention by sending tributes during our calls. It didn't take long for me to get all of his $500 bday money. Happy Birthday, B ;)

 photo TOMM7-8.jpg
I ended up taking $500 from the other birthday boy, TomM also... So that was $500 for me... and some Whiskey, dildo, panties, and a cock cage for Tom. :)

A blast from the past, SCT has been coming around again. He loves that I'm a greedy, spoiled Princess and can so easily take a quick $300 from him.

ABWill called for the first time in a couple years, surprised me with a $200 tribute, then disappeared again.

SRPaul sent me an extra $300 in tributes while whispering and hiding from his wife. He was so close to getting caught, but of course it was more important to serve me!

 photo bluegif.gif

Fist Fucker Fay opened $540 in Pay-to-view mail. The pin dick jerk-off loser can't get enough of my humiliation and cleavage.

Foot Slave James sneaks calls all the time because he craves my humiliation and my attention. He's been spending a lot of time humping the couch and his mattress lately.

 photo loserm.jpg
It's always fun to take Swedish Loser M's money while showing the world what a drunken loser he is.

Obedient Michael knows serving me is his sex life. Stroke, Stare, and worship Bella... stroke, stare, and worship Bella....

Sissy Justin called while wearing his orange panties. He admitted that he spends most of his money on tranny cock.

Tranny loving Cock Sucker Carlos called... he's been keeping himself busy with cock after cock.

Blackmail Bitch Bill sent me more pics of him at the glory hole. For someone who says they don't like being a cock sucker... he sure is there an awful lot ;)

1HB has been such a good boy - sitting at my feet waiting for my attention and sending $405 in tributes.

Loser Mark the pastry fucker hasn't had time for pastries lately, but that hasn't stopped him from wearing his wife's panties or sneaking out of the office to call me;)

Cowboy A continues to show me what a good boy he is for Mistress. $225 in tributes because he always want to please me.

Robot Jeff called to serve me...he comes and goes...tries to stay away, but he swears I put a spell on him when he first called me 8 years ago.

Bryan called and let me know he just paid a $30 cum tax... silly boys... you still need my permission to release;)

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$20 Small Penis Tax


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