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 I sent sox/Loser Mark an email for him to open Tuesday morning...
$10 pay-to-view: 
I hope while you're
on vacation you'll...
be thinking of all the ways I'm going to humiliate you when you return bitch boy!!!! 

oh i will be, and i hope that You will be thinking of new ways to abuse me like never before!

$10 pay-to-view: I have a few ideas in mind for when you get home.. 
--  I didn't find the toy I was thinking of yet, but I only checked 1 site...   would you be able to order something online when you get back?  or does it have to be from the sex shop you went to last time?

LM:  Yes i would love to place an order online when i get back.  i can hardly wait!
i'm really going to miss You abusing me. i look forward to it every night!
when i get back it is going to be great! save up three weeks of abuse and give it to me all at once when i call You. No holds barred.

$10 pay-to-view:
Such a good bitch boy mark!
you always leave great feedback!

LM:  A little spoiling of my Perfect Goddess off of Her wishlist. 
((he bought me a $50 Target Gift Card))

-Thanks Loser!

LM:  no no Thank You. You deserve it, and besides how can i last 3 weeks with no spoiling of You?
hey i'm whipped and thats not just lip service. i love the way it feels when You are having me humiliate myself. Making me suck a big black dick etc.

Then he signed off to pack for his vacation...  but a couple hours later he was back...
  Do You know that every time You update Your wishlist it calls my name? "mark come spoil the perfect Goddess" i think You update just to get me excited...

LM:  you know it's not easy being me...trying to live my normal life yet always thinking about You, waiting (and wanting) the next humiliation, and always wanting to Spoil You! 

LM:  HA you win (or i win) i had to buy You the new handbag on amazon. i am such a loser, but i love it. i guess i just have to get as much spoiling in as i can because i will be gone for 3 weeks!


Doctor MD called tonight.  We talked for about an hour and a half about making a website devoted to humiliating him.
While we were talking I made him pay my $70 "Pay for My cell phone bill" tribute   3 times:) 


1Hot Boy was back tonight serving his Princess as usual:)

Loser John sent me $100 in tributes as I reminded him that the only reason I'd ever talk to him was because he's paying Me;)
Guys with 2 inch dicks wouldn't have a chance any other way:)