belladaisy22xo (belladaisy22xo) wrote,

November 2016

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Sissy Michell has more important things to worry about than football... she's becoming quite famous on Tumblr. There's new exposure happening every day!
I took $1,750 from my good girl.

My Financial Domination Slave Del- Sissy David surprised me by being in full make up during our last session without me having to tell her. She went out and bought make up and nail polish on her own. I always enjoy the little sissy fashion shows she puts on for me as I drain her. $5,075 for me because Sissy's purpose in life is serving me, working for me, and giving me what I want!
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Little TDY has been depending on me to make financial decisions for him more than ever. He still needs my permission when he wants access to certain web sites or make purchases online. He sends me daily updates on our credit card balances. TDY needs my approval before spending money on himself, but since I'm the Boss...I helped myself to $5,830.

Look at Sissy Jenny all dolled up from head to toe. I took $2,520 from my Money Pet as she danced around with her blow up boyfriend Joe. Jenny has been in charge of paying for my hair and nail salon trips and basically sending me tribute whenever I tell her it's time. She was doing so well - wearing her SLUT tag to work along with her pretty panties. This little sissy slut needs to get back in the habit of doing daily check ins.
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Making the boys weak for my cleavage...
 photo GrayCleavageGif.gif

Whipped Puppy can't help but submit to the power of my cleavage. Sometimes he tries to resist, but lately he doesn't even bother. He knows his place, he knows he can't fight it. Puppy obeyed and sent me $1,150.

TomM is so easy... I took a quick $500 while making him show off his pink panties and suck on a dildo. He tried out chastity, but I don't think he's ready just yet;)

I took $600 from my bitch Lion while publicly humiliating him in a chat room. Lion has to stroke and edge every day and never knows when I'm going to broadcast's just makes him edge harder;)

I took $190 from Loser Mark as he slipped into his wife's dirty gym panties and put his legs over his head. Later on I had some raise the rate fun when he called from the Target parking lot as his wife shopped inside.

1HB sent me $300 in tributes and bought tons of sissy clothes because he wants to entertain me on cam like some of my sissy girls.

I took an easy $120 from Swedish Loser M while humiliating the drunken idiot.

Cowboy A sent me an extra $160 in tributes, he knows I like tributes before each call. He needs my control, he needs me to give him purpose.

 photo Jim-9-1.jpg

JimG wishes it didn't feel so good to give me money, but he couldn't help sending me $380... because as you all know... it feels so good to please me. It feels so good to give your money to my cleavage. It feels so good to make me happy.

Lil Dick Neil completed my Loser Assignments and sent an extra $75 tribute.

After buying some videos, NF Dick called and sent $150 in tributes because he said it feels so good to have me take advantage of him.

Sissy Greg sent me $100 just because :)

Cupcake Sissy put on her pink VS panties, got on her knees and called to serve me.

I took a quick $150 from Fist Fucker Fay... whether or not he can afford it, my cleavage always gets his money.

SCT stopped by to do some wish list shopping. A quick $150 to please his Goddess.

Cock Sucker Carlos called a few times to confess his love for Tranny Cock. He knows he'll always be a cock sucking loser.

New boy Connor called to be used... so I decided to hang up on him and raise the rate a few times.

When Loser Zack called, I decided to have some fun and raise the rate on him also.

Q8C did a drive by on my NiteFlirt listings and bought all the pics and vids in my NF Goodies. Good boy, Q :)
My NiteFlirt Goodies - Vids & Pics:


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$20 Small Penis Tax

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