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SissyMichell from BellaDaisy on Vimeo.

Sissy Michell continues to be my good girl and give me access to whatever I want. I took $1,075 as I push her to be completely exposed.

 photo michblack_1.jpg

I made Michell open the blinds even though her neighbors were outside watching the tree trimmers. She was quite nervous, but of course did it anyway.

 photo michbow.jpg photo michbow2.jpg

Taco Tess is going away on business next week which means Sissy needs to be locked up. This key safe looks like it could be a lot of fun.
 photo lock.jpg

TDY knows that I know best, especially when it comes to how we should spend his money. I've been helping him make some donations before the end of the year and came up with a fun idea that got Little TDY very excited... I decided that every time he made a donation - he should also send me a Tribute for the same amount. My good boy sent me $3,455.

 photo tom-11.jpg
I took a quick $1,570 from Tom. He's so easy, but got a little camera shy once he saw me taking pics of him with his blow up doll boyfriend. Hey Tom... your butt plugs should be arriving tomorrow, lol.

Sissy David/$lave Del stopped by to model a couple outfits and send me $300, then disappeared. Even though you didn't reply to my email, I still see you buying my NiteFlirt goodies. You need my cleavage and crave my control. Stop trying to fight it, David. You were born to be a sissy, my sissy girl who needs to serve Me.
 photo dh1.jpg photo dh2.jpg


I took $965 from my bitch Lion. I was milking him good at the end of the year, then the cutest thing happened... January 1st came around and he left me an offline message that said:
"making a resolution this year to not stroke for you was awesome while it's lasted bye"
I literally Laughed Out Loud when I read it.
I told him he should really make another resolution because the one he picked wasn't going to work.
I was sick with the flu for the first 2 weeks of the year so I was barely online to talk to him. But when I was back in BellaDaisy mode it only took a few short days before he was giving me all the info I wanted and begging me to milk him... just how I like it ;) and as cumming for him!

Blast from the past Bitch Leroy (you can hear him reciting his rules to live by in one of my older YouTube vids) has returned and so far is doing a better job of serving me than he has in the past. I'm thinking it's a combination of there's an added excitement because he has to sneak around since he lives with his girlfriend now...and he realizes I'm a Princess in demand and time is money. So he's been working extra hard to earn enough money to keep me pleased. I took an easy $635 from my bitch and gave him an assignment to work on this week.

Blackmail Bitch Ben is back. We played some online word games that had the possibility of him ending up in a contract. He got lucky (for now), he's not in a contract, but I did win a fun and easy $605 from him.

JimG knows how good it feels to give to his Princess. Sometimes he tries to resist, but always comes back for more. Such a good boy, sending me an extra $620 along with his calls... or sometimes sending tributes Just Because!

Whipped Puppy doesn't even try to fight it anymore. At this point I have him so weak for my cleavage and begging for humiliation. Puppy knows he must Obey when I tell him to Tribute. My whipped bitch sent $760 and is left denied and craving more humiliation.

Teasing my bitch for being so weak for my cleavage...

WeakWhippedPuppy from BellaDaisy on Vimeo.


Fist Fucker Fay clicked and paid $360 for my humiliation. It always makes me laugh when he goes on a little rant about how it's so unfair that I look so beautiful and sound so sweet, but I'm also mean and greedy and use all this cleavage to make boys stupid and drain them dry. That usually just makes me want to send another video and use him harder.

MG has tried (and failed) many times to resist the power of my cleavage, yet I have him right where I want him. Focused on my cleavage and so weak that I got him to buy all of my NiteFlirt video goodies Again. Sure he already has them, but I wasn't going to let that stop him from giving his money to my cleavage.
Stroke, Stare, Pay;)

Justin can't stop thinking about my cleavage... he says it's so much better than his girlfriend's. I let him focus on my pictures and send me a $100 tribute for the privilege.

Puppet Brandon also fell under my cleavage spell. He couldn't resist feeling weak and hypnotized.

I've been having a lot of raise the rate fun this past week...
Loser Phillap needed to talk to me and I decided he needed to pay more. No matter how many times I raised it, I still kept him denied and aching.

Bobbie called for some raise the rate also.

Matt was telling me how he only needs me, not his girlfriend... so I thought he needed to pay $20/minute;)

Another blast from the past, Popping Reject has returned. (remember him with the blue wrestling masks) I enjoyed draining him during a 90 minute forced intox session.

Blackmail Bill was sent back to the glory hole. The bitch is so weak for my feet, he'll do whatever it takes just to get a picture of them.

Lil dick Sam got to worship the soles of my feet as I took an easy $100 from him.

 photo cuckbrad_2.jpg Cuck Loser Brad continues to beg to give me cash.

BenG calls to tell me he's never calling again...and again.. and again. lol Talk to you soon, Ben. ;)

ATM Adam knows he's nothing more than a wallet that needs to be drained.

Bob was trying to get my attention, so he surprised me with a gift card from my wish list. Good job, Bob:)

Cowboy A sent an extra $220 in tributes along with his calls while trying to resist. He knows where he belongs and I'm sure I'll be needing to serve me again very soon.

1Hb has really been outdoing himself lately. He's gotten back into the habit of making regular tributes and calling the second I tell him to. He's also been entertaining me by dressing up in some satin and lace sissy clothes.

Virgin Piggy Jeff called. I had a feeling he was playing with his pathetic little dicklet so I decided to make him pay extra. First it was just the $30 Small Penis Tax, but I thought that wasn't enough. The only way he could ever please me is with his I ended up making him ache as I took another $400. Good piggy;)
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$20 Small Penis Tax
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