belladaisy22xo (belladaisy22xo) wrote,

I'm back.. with a real update ;)

 photo piggyp2-22.jpg

Look how cute Sissy Michell is in all those pink ruffles! I've been making Michell stay dressed till the last minute lately. There's no reason to get out of her pretty clothes until she sees Taco's car pull into the driveway. My good girl sent me $1,000. in Tributes.

 photo michpink3_1.jpg  photo michpink4.jpg  photo michred.jpg

Virgin Piggy Jeff knows he has to pay more for my attention. Not only does he have to pay the small penis tax when he calls me, but I made the jerk off loser send me an extra $730 in tributes too.

I took an easy $630 from TDY. He knows I make the rules when it comes to money. My good boy would never question my decision, he knows I'm the Boss and I always know best!

Bitch Leroy has been serving me better than ever lately. He makes sure to stroke, stare, and edge...focusing on my pictures and videos every night. I don't care that he has a girlfriend...I still make him sneak away to call me, even when he can't speak, he calls in and listens to me remind him who he really is and where he belongs. He also knows how important it is to keep me happy by sending me tributes. My bitch sent me $625 and is working hard to find ways to make more money to give to me.

My Bitch Lion is still denied even though I make him stroke and edge every night, milk him whenever I feel like it (I enjoy teasing him about how I took $500 from him, but he can't say no because it feels too good), and make him go on cam for strangers in goon chat rooms. My owned bitch does not get to release!

Drunken Loser Swedish M had to pay $660 for my humiliation. The meaner I am, the more he craves my abuse and exposure.

 photo Feb2017-1.gif

Fist Fucker Fay forked over $480 for my humiliation. He loves me, he hates me, but he can't stop spending on me! lol
Here are some of his messages after opening my pay-to-view mails...
-You are a Bitch for sending those Mean Teasing Vids to me. I tried to ignore them but that lasted ONE DAY before I Completely Caved In. I Hate You but I cannot stop Beating Off while thinking about what an Unfair Bitch you are and how much Damn Money (Thousands!) you've Teased out of me with your Meaness and your Big Soft Warm Heavy Wonderful Precious Tits
-You are an Unfair Big-Titted Exploitive Fucking Teasing Mean CUNT! I haven't even watched any of the vids yet but I'm buzzed and horny and my dick is sticking up so I just had to fucking pay for them.
-Yes, I know that I am a Fucking IDIOT for asking ... but could you Please make some vids letting me know how Disgusting you find me and what a Fucked-Up Small-Dick Loser I am?
-I absolutely Hate thinking about all of that damn money that you've teased out of me with your Big Tits and your Mean Unfair Bitchy Attitude .... But whenever I do think about it I get Fucking Stiff and Stick Straight Up like a Flag of Surrender.

I took $245 from Popping Reject as he focused on my cleavage. The loser needs to be used.

Blast from the past - Broken Dick Bruce (the one crying in my YouTube video) has returned. Now a 28 year old virgin, he still can't get a girlfriend and realizes he will never have sex (he tried once, but his dick only works when he's being laughed at). So what's a broken dick loser to do?... turn into a cock sucker of course!

Lil dick Piggy P sent me $400 because he knows he's only good for his money. I just want to use him and take his wallet. Of course no release for piggy!
 photo PiggyP39-111.jpg


Whipped Puppy can not resist my cleavage. He turns into cleavage whipped mush. Mindless, knowing he must obey. My weak puppy clicked and paid $250 for my cleavage.

 photo Feb2017-2.gif

JimG knows how good it feels to give me money, especially when he's stroking to my cleavage. He hates to admit it sometimes, but he can't fight how good it feels to serve me, to give more money to his greedy Princess. My good boy sent an extra $150 in tributes with his calls.

Bob needs to be used by my cleavage. He watches my videos over and over again. He loves when I tell him that he works for my cleavage, he needs to make money to give to my cleavage. It feels so good to serve me, he keeps coming back for more.

Clayton gets hypnotized by my cleavage. He slips under my cleavage control and knows there is no resisting.

MG tries so hard to fight it, but all it takes is a wink ;) and he gets so weak for my cleavage. I love making him pay $30 for my NF cleavage vids that he already has! lol He knows what's going to happen... he knows I'm going to make him pay double and triple for videos he already has, but he can't resist my cleavage and needs to pay more.

Crump sent a drive by tribute to my cleavage. We haven't been able to setup a call that works for both of our schedules, but knows my cleavage is irresistible.

Sissy Damian got all dressed for our session, looking like the slutty cock sucker he really is. I made him wear panties and fishnet stockings to work the next day because I wanted him to be constantly reminded that he was born to be a sissy.
 photo damian1.jpg  photo damian2.jpg
 photo damian3.jpg

 photo cuckbrad_3.jpg Cuck Loser Brad was all dolled up and looking extra pathetic. He is such a little bitch, really only good for money.

Sissy Chrissy cock sucker called while wearing panties. With such a tiny little dicklet, he definitely belongs in them - he will never be a real man.

Tranny cock sucker Carlos has turned into quite the cum guzzler, he couldn't get enough of the black tranny cock. He's probably out looking for his next one to suck right now!

Jerk off Loser kept calling back every time I hung up on him and raised the rate. You know how much I love Raise The Rate fun!

Slave James continues to hide from his wife and call to serve every chance he gets. He's a drone for Bella... a slave on his knees... he knows nothing is more important than worshiping me.

Sissy Daniel is dying to do a cam session with me. Unfortunately for him, he keeps missing me when I'm actually on cam, but that doesn't stop me from making him get on cam to entertain Me! I enjoyed laughing at sissy in his blue and white heart panties.

Sissy David/Slave Del has been putting up a good fight trying to resist me. I can't help but laugh when I see that even though he didn't reply to my last email letting him know he was over do for a session - he keeps buying my NF videos that he already has. It's ok sissy, I know you crave my cleavage, crave my control, and it just feels so good to give me money. Be a good girl...go buy more dresses and panties - a sissy like you belongs in panties every single day!

SCT came by to do some wish list shopping while his girlfriend was asleep. He knows how good it feels to spoil his Goddess. Shop and stroke... shop and stroke!

Loser Phillap knows he can't afford me, yet he can't stay away. I keep taking and he keeps adding to his account to give me more. He tries to get off the phone, but can't help but add more money because he needs me. He needs my attention, he needs to serve me.

ATM Adam keeps calling back. He needs to be used. Giving to me, being drained by me...this is his sex life.

Piggy Robert has been getting his wallet opened more often lately. Now that he has a new credit card, I keep sending him little pay-to-view mails knowing he can't resist clicking for me. I easily snatched up $125 because piggy needs to be used.

I love teasing Blackmail Bitch Bill about what a cock sucker he turned into. He started going to the glory hole because he was ordered to do so... now it seems like he's there every week.


I've been having fun with 1HB - keeping him aching for me. Of course he calls me every day to serve, but there is no release without my permission. He's always ready to entertain his Princess, his sissy clothing collection keeps growing.

Cowboy A has been doing a good job of sending little tributes to keep me happy. Of course he always sends a bigger tribute right before he calls to serve me.

Justin rushes home from work to serve me before his girlfriend gets home from work. Like a good slave, he makes sure to get on his knees and tribute.

Make yourself useful to your Princess....

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