belladaisy22xo (belladaisy22xo) wrote,

My Bitch Leroy has been doing such a good job of putting my wants first. He realizes nothing is more important than keeping me happy. We've been playing around with his blackmail fantasy and it has been a lot of fun. My bitch handed over $2,200.


BitchLeroy from BellaDaisy on Vimeo.

Leroy started practicing his words to live by over 6 years ago. Here's a screen shot below from my brainwashed bitch vid.
6 years later and he's just as weak for me today as he was back then... actually, I'd say even more so. Just the way I like it ;)
 photo leroyyt.jpg

TDY would be so lost without me... When it comes to money - I'm still calling the shots. He's so lucky to have me to do all the thinking for him. TDY knows as always...the Boss makes the rules. I decided to take $2,700 and of course he would never question it. He knows, I always know best.

Sissy David/Slave Del has been coming and going... trying to escape - deleting my videos and then having to purchase them again, because in the end - sissy needs her Mistress. She needs to be my good girl - my financially dominated sissy in panties. I ended up taking $1,320 from my pretty panty slut.

It looks like Taco will be going out of town for an entire month, which means lots of fun girl time for Sissy Michell. I plan on making my sissy go out in public - wig shopping,dress shopping, hanging at a gay bar, and of course -locked up in chastity. With 30 days to play - Michell will have no excuses! My good girl sent me $1,000.
 photo GoldWins_1.jpg

TomM has been begging me to chat with one of his girl friends forever. I'm pretty sure he wanted me to expose him for all the kinky/crazy things I make him to do... you know, have a couple beers, put on pink panties, suck off a blow up doll, be wallet drained by me. (side note: I'm laughing to myself as I write this because I've been doing this so long, all those "crazy" things I just listed - sounds like an average Monday night for me, lol) At first she was a bit hesitant, but once she saw how easily I made him send each of us $100.. then another hundred... she started having fun too and wanted to know how I do it...and if I could get him to do it again. We teamed up on him again a few days later for more $$$, but he decided he prefers having my attention to himself. I ended up taking an easy $1,350 from my good boy - and I know he has that blowup doll ready and waiting for our next session.

Sissy Jenna keeps calling back for more... she craves my control and wants to please me. Jenna knows I like her in panties and lipstick every day. She also knows the only way a lil dick sissy could ever satisfy me is with her wallet. She can't resist the power I have over her and ended up sending an extra $650 in tributes during our calls.

JimG knows how good it feels when I Take from him. It feels so good to stroke and be my good boy...there's no denying - the more I take, the better it feels. I enjoyed taking an extra $685 in tributes during our calls.

I had Loser Steve on all fours, barking like a dog and smacking his balls as I made him buy my NiteFlirt Goodies over and over again. At one point I made him buy the same picture set of my bare feet 7 times. I ended up taking an extra $640 from the loser during a couple sessions.

MG knows all about having to buy my NiteFlirt Goodies multiple times. It's always easy to make him weak with my cleavage, but he ended up buying my newest video "Suck Cock For Bella" because he said I looked so good. He kept trying to tell me he wasn't a sissy or a cock sucker and he only bought it because he wanted to see me. I actually believe him because his trigger is always my cleavage;) ... but I decided to make him buy the video again.... and again... he ended up buying it 7 times and my "Give In To My Cleavage Control" video 4 times. ;)

Cowboy A does his best to call and serve me. The time difference makes it difficult for him to call me on NF as much as he'd like to, but he makes up for it with tributes. My good boy sent me an extra $580.

Whipped Puppy handed over $550 because he knows he must Obey. There is no resisting the power of my cleavage. It's so easy to get him in the zone and completely helpless.

Bob loves my cleavage, he knows how good it feels to work for me and give his money to my cleavage.
Bella photo BellaOrangeGif_1.gif

Looks like my bitches are becoming friends... or... jerk off buddies? Bitch Leroy saw my Bitch Lion in a goon chat room and messaged him. It wasn't long before they were stroking and comparing stories of the control I have over them. I milked Lion for $970.... I don't even need to say this because it's known by now... but..of release for him.

Fist Fucker Fay kept begging for more humiliation. I took an easy $700 from the dick driven loser as I laughed at him and told him how pathetic he and his little pin dick really are.

Drunken Swedish Loser M was drained of a quick $370... as always, the meaner I am, the more he wants to be used by me.

Swedish John said he found me on YouTube years ago when he was in high school. He's in college now and can't believe he turned into "one of them". He knows I'm dangerous, but couldn't resist. He ended up sneaking calls on and off all night while hiding from his girlfriend. I had him send an extra $70 in tributes.

I took a quick $200 from Piggy P.
 photo piggyp3-24_1.jpg


Blast from the past - GNR called... he wasn't in pretty lingerie like years past, but he was a good boy and sent an extra $250 in tributes.

Prancer has returned... and has been sissy walking and sucking cock pretty frequently lately.

Blackmail Bitch Bill seems to be going to the glory hole a lot lately... without having to me told. It's almost as if he's craving cock in his mouth all the time!

Blackmail Bitch Ben lost $300 to me while playing some online word games.

JNTY loves the blackmail fantasy. It's so easy to get him all worked up and begging for exposure. Of course he backs out in the end and says it's the last time. That's cute, J... we both know you'll be begging for it again any day now;)

SCT snuck a couple calls. He couldn't talk very much, but that didn't stop me from taking $375 :)

IHB has been doing better than ever lately. He recently started a new job and all the extra income has been sent my way. Such a good boy.

Canadian Loser Steve knows he's only good for his money. He wants to be my good bitch, so I made him send an extra $200 in tributes.

Scrawny Beta Scott called for some raise the rate fun.

Lil dick Chris is another one who has to pay more to talk to me. With only 4 itty bitty inches in his pants, he knows he's only good for his wallet, so I raise the rate on him.

Loser Phillap has been getting drained harder lately. He makes $10 an hour, so I decided he needs to pay $10/minute when calling me... and like a good, submissive, addicted pet in love with his Princess... he pays it.

Cuckold Joe's girlfriend only wants the BBC, so there's nothing left for him to do except be a good cock sucker for the stud who gets his girlfriend.

Loser Tim sent $200 as I made him humiliate himself on cam for me.

Arab Loser Omar - the lil dick cuck sits at my feet like a good bitch .

One of my most entertaining calls this week came from Sissy Daniel. He's another one who first found me while browsing YouTube in high school. He's now in his 20's and has been trying to get me on cam forever. ( according to him, he's been trying for 2 years) He regularly calls my NiteFlirt line and has never been lucky enough to get me on cam. I was feeling nice, so I told him to go put on his panties and I would turn on my higher priced cam line. He called right back and had on his blue lace panties as instructed. I couldn't help but laugh as I watched him have a total fangirl moment. At first I thought something was wrong with him and asked if he was ok. He he told me he just couldn't believe he was actually getting to see me live on cam after trying so hard and waiting so long. *Hey Daniel, panties should be worn every day, not just at night*

Make yourself useful to your Princess....

My NiteFlirt Goodies - Vids & Pics:


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