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I'm back...with a real update...

 photo SissyMikeLace.jpg

Look how pretty my sissy is... I had Michell all dolled up for new exposure photos. These became quite popular on Tumblr. I took $2,060 from my sissy and had lots of fun exposing her. She was born to be a girl.
 photo b283b424-a95b-43ee-b5d6-78270c381e97.jpg
 photo sissymichell-leopard1.jpg


TDY needs my help with all financial decisions. He needs my permission before making purchases. He also knows the Boss makes the rules and the best place for $5,105 is right in my hands:)

TomM wants to be a good boy. Even when that means putting on silky panties and sucking a bow up doll. I took an easy $4,520 from him.
 photo tommdoll.jpg

Whipped Puppy occasionally tries to resist, but he knows he is way too weak for the power of my cleavage. I took $2,260 while leaving him weak, whipped, and denied. Good bitch ;)

I've got Sissy David / Slave Del purchasing my NiteFlirt Goodies over and over again. Sissy needs to make herself useful. Sissy needs to work to make money to give to me. She knows how good it feels when I take. I ended up taking $2,670 from my good girl. There's no denying how good it feels to be dressed up - pretty in pink - and serving Mistress Donna. Sissy should have new clothes that I picked out for her- arriving soon so she can model them.
 photo 4476590e-2442-4528-bba3-6557c2a27615.jpg

 photo ddb8ab7c-6fab-48d7-a90c-61d6467c030f.jpg

Bitch Leroy is getting back to properly serving me. I've got him stroking on command, repeating his words to live by, and tributing when I tell him to. Of course I don't let the girlfriend get in the way - my bitch knows serving me comes first. He sent $355, but we're just getting started... my bitch would never say no ;)
 photo 960e0a2f-b7df-4355-89fa-c0212336c592.png

Cleavage Bob started tributing and going over Bitch Leroy's words to live by. He leaves out the gay stuff..and focuses on serving me and my cleavage.

Sissy Dani has her own affirmation. A sissy affirmation.. it helps her be a good girl.

Fist Fucker Fay continues to drink and jerk and be a perverted loser... so I never feel guilty taking his money... it just makes me want to use him harder. $400 later and I know he's going to keep coming back, begging for more humiliating videos.

 photo 1_1.gif

Stupid Swedish Loser Markus was so desperate to be used by me, he ended up paying $470 for the videos I made for Fay. lol Drunken, pathetic idiot, just like Fay ;)
 photo swedenloser1.jpg

Of course I also use the Fay videos on My bitch Lion. I had him stroking and edging over and over again. Stroking, edging, and needing to be drained. I milked my bitch out of $1,670. No Release!

 photo PiggyP-oink.gif

Piggy P is still locked up in chastity. I have no plan on letting him release, but I did enjoy rinsing him for $1,400.

I had UK Loser Timmy entertaining me by singing Ariana Grande karaoke and giving up lots of info as I took $965.

Banny called to say hi... but I ended up making him send an extra $280 in tributes during our call. Your money looks so much better in my hands ;)

SteveC sent an extra $190 in tributes because he knows he needs to be used for his money.

JimG sent an extra $480 in tributes. Jim knows he can't deny how good it feels to give to me.

I took hundreds from Loser Steve as he barked like a dog at my feet and bought my NiteFlirt Goodies over and over again.

Sissy Jenna knows I expect her in panties and lipstick when she calls. She also knows I expect tributes. Sissy needed to make herself useful and ended up sending an extra $390.

1HB has been sending tributes and doing a lot of ignore calls while I'm out enjoying life.

ATM Adam calls to be used.. used and drained while he strokes and pays.

SCT returned with a $250 tribute.

Cowboy A continues to make time to serve me, work for me, sends me tributes, and knows he needs my control. He needs to be my good boy.

Justin sent $115 in tributes and dreams of blackmail and giving it all to me.

Cock Sucker Carlos continues to find new tranny cock.

Loser Chad called for some raise the rate fun. It ended with me making him get into position... legs in the air - up over his face ;)

I decided I'm going to hang up and raise the rate every time BenG calls me. :)

Loser Phillap called... then hung up after saying he wasn't calling anymore. Of course he called back 20 minutes later and I raised the rate on him, and took his whole pay check.

You love me.... you hate me... but you need me!

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