belladaisy22xo (belladaisy22xo) wrote,

June 27th

Congratulations TDY on your shiny new credit card that you will receive in 5-7 business days...and good job being a brave boy who so easily handed over $1,090 to your Boss!

Sissy David/Slave Del popped online long enough to send me $95 to reimburse me for the mani/pedi I had last week.

 photo zFAY-gif_1.gif

Fist Fucker Fay can not stay away. All it takes is one little text and I've got him boozing and spending. $540 in humiliating pay-to-view vids.

Cowboy-A has accepted that this is truly where he belongs. Nothing feels better than serving and pleasing your Mistress. My good boy sent an extra $240 in tributes.

Cupcake Sissy called while on his knees, wearing his pink panties, and ready to serve.

1HB continues to find ways to serve his Princess. He was offered a new job this week with better pay - which of course means... more money for Me !

Lil dick virgin loser Jake knows he's only good for his money. He kept licking the phone over and over again wishing it was my feet. All I could do was laugh and remind him that he'll never be good enough.

Sissy Michell has been laying low because the annoying wife, Taco has been snooping around...but my good girl sent $75 and is getting so much closer to taking the BBC.

Bitch Leroy is back to making weekly tributes. I gave him a balance of $1,000 to work off in a few weeks... or else ;)

Raise the Rate Frankie called... I didn't raise the rate on him tonight, but I did have a lot of fun telling him all the ways I'd publicly humiliate him for being a 2 inch dicklet virgin while he sent an extra $500 in tributes. Good job, little dick, you earned a release - of course I made him eat every last drop;)

Video for sale on NiteFlirt:
"No Escaping Bella"

 photo NoEscapingBella.gif


Video: Stupid, Horny, Jerk Off Loser

 photo 1.gif

 photo BellaDaisy22.gif

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