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Popping Reject was back again last night, needing to be used. I noticed the time between drainings has gotten Much shorter lately. It's getting easier and easier to drain him. Drink - Stroke - Pay... Drink - Stroke - Pay! Reject was wallet drained out of $2,030 in tributes and another $350 for the phone call.

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As usual, after leaving the nail salon - I get in my car and send Sissy David/Slave Del the receipt. It came to $45 plus tip... I reminded David that the more he gives, the happier it makes me. So my good sissy sent $100 right away.

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When it comes to resisting me...Fist Fucker Fay is failing hard. It's So easy to suck him back in.

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Fay clicked and paid $180 for my mean,humiliating vids. He's currently sober right this minute, but I have a feeling as soon as he reads this entry, he's going to grab the booze and the lube and send me a message telling me how unfair it is, but could he please be used again.

I took a quick $60 from TDY, but now he's getting nervous that his wife will find out. It's OK, I know all the worry will go away once he gets our new credit card in the mail and won't be able to wait to use it!

Blackmail Bitch Drew is calling more often. Even being so brave as to sneak calls and take exposure pics while the wife is home.

Sissy Arya called to worship my feet.

Ronnie called to serve... I had him sucking on a dildo while sending a tribute... like a good loser should.

Cowboy A - my good boy, had a bit of a breakthrough today. He finally realized that it is possible to be the very best boy he can be for me while juggling every day life. Of course, Mistress' wants always come first.

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