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$999 Take it to the Max

I had Jake so weak for me... so weak for my cleavage last night. Jake sent me a NiteFlirt text the night before. We chatted for a couple minutes and I sent a link to my NF Goodies, then went to bed.
When I signed on last night, I saw Jake bought a few cleavage vids and a message from him letting me know how bad he was blue balled and aching. I was ready to help make him ache even more by deciding which videos he should buy next. It wasn't long at all before I had him sending tribute after tribute.
Such a good boy - needing to please me, Jake ended up sending $2,349 in Tributes and $120 on NF Goodies...including the $999 Tribute button on my listings.
Of course... still, no release for him.
A funny thing I noticed when looking at my NF records... he called me one time...for 2 minutes back in 2012 and I never heard from him again.
I guess he made up for it last night.

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 photo MaxedJake.jpg

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