belladaisy22xo (belladaisy22xo) wrote,

Mani Pedi Monday -

Who is going to be a good boy and please your Princess? Click below to send a tribute and pay for my pampering.

 photo frenchmani.png

Be a good boy...Click below to Tribute your Princess:

I have 2 new vids for sale.

 photo vice-key1.jpg

Vid: Stuck in Bella's FinDom Cycle $10

 photo StuckCycle-gif.gif


Vid: The Vice Chastity - caged by Bella. $10

 photo Vice-gif.gif

 photo vice-chasity.jpg

More NiteFlirt Goodies - pics and vids:

Call Me on NiteFlirt - click for my listings - Call BellaDaisy22 for phone sex on Call BellaDaisy22 for phone sex on
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