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mini update

Here's a lil teaser of what's been going on the past couple days. I still have about 30 good boys to write about, but I think I'll spread it out over the next week with mini posts.

I broke out the white board for Joe last night. I haven't used it much lately. I should probably start makes it so easy to take your money.
He surprised me with a $50 Tribute and asked for a white board draining. He couldn't resist open my pay-to-view picture mail and quickly handed over $350 to my cleavage.
 photo Joe-8-21-2.jpg

JimG came up with a mantra to use during our phone sessions. "Stroke and Pay - Serve and Obey" ... He's probably wishing he didn't come up with that on his own because the more I make him say it, the weaker he becomes, which of course means more tributes for Me! Good boy, Jim!

Darryl calls for some raise the rate fun... sometimes paying $9.99 a minute does the trick, but the other day being drained at $14.99/minute was exactly what he needed. I'm always happy to help lighten your wallet;)

My blackmail bitch Johan is back again. He's been messaging on and off this summer, but was too scared to call (probably because our last session cost him around 2 Grand). As he drank 10 cans of Hard Cider, he kept telling me that he was going to be strong and not relapse. He was doing so well... until he asked to purchase a 1 minute teaser vid like he sees Cleavage Bob posts on Twitter: @BobCleavage . I decided to charge him $15/minute for vids, make him stay on his knees, and call to serve me. I took an easy $375 from my Scandinavian bitch. He decided he isn't ready for a blackmail contract (which I'm happy about, because I prefer my boys to serve me because they want to, not because they're afraid of exposure) and he'd much rather just be a long term slave.
 photo Johan-Relapsed.jpg

Casey called me earlier in the day, he loves to be rinsed by my cleavage. He was a bit shy on the phone and asked if we could do NF text instead. Sure, that works for me....but then he disappeared. He came back hours later asking for a picture rinsing...he just had to build up the courage to be drained. As I sent the cleavage pics, he sent the tributes - $100, $100, $100. Then he asked if he could call back and send me another $300 while we were on the phone. He saw my line was busy, but waited his turn like a good bitch on his knees. * * * $600 in 15 minutes, it's So good to be Me *
 photo casey.jpeg

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