belladaisy22xo (belladaisy22xo) wrote,

Loser Bill IMed me from work ...
LB: im not so rich, Can You do small paid mails please?

 $5 pay-to-view:  Hi..
sure loser...  I'll take it easy on you for now...

$5 pay-to-view: stroke..
it faster loser

$5 pay-to-view: wait...
are you ...watching porn at work ???????????????? 

((he was hiding at work, watching a porno with a guy and 3 hot girls on his computer, and stroking it under his desk))

$5 pay-to-view: Go
leave feedback loser!

$5 pay-to-view: keep
going loser

$5 pay-to-view: hahaha
you'll never have 3 girls loser!!

he said that's not fair:(

$10 pay-to-view:  do you know
what's unfair...
you'll always be a loser  who has to pay for my attention!... and I'll always be the beautiful spoiled porincess who ALWAYS gets her way!! 

at first he complained that I raised the rate to $10/email, but a minute later he paid it anyway:)

$10 pay-to-view: Good Job Loser!
you've realized and accepted the fact that the ONLY way to get MY Attention is to PAY ME!!!
keep stroking!

$10 pay-to-view: Haaa haaa haa ha ha haha ha
you're so pathetic you even watch porn at work!!!  sneakily stroking your loser dick at the office....  dreaming of being the guy in the video....

Financial Domination1/22/2008 5 starsI can't stay away from beautiful Goddess Donna, she has be hiding at work stroking under the desk while she takes more and more of my(HER) money!  
Financial Domination1/22/2008 5 starsI can't resist Goddess Donna, she has me stroking under my desk at work and opening all her PAY-TO-VIEW emails! 
Financial Domination1/22/2008 5 starsDonna used me and my wallet, that was the best 3-some a loser like could ever have! 

Phillip "barelegs" called me tonight ... he's such a perv loser....  he called while jerking off  to the hot host on QVC (Lisa Robertson).  I told him he was so pathetic playing with his little dick watching QVC.   Then he said he was looking at my new Hooters pics   and loves how tan my skin is next to the white tank top. Then he got down and started humping the floor  since he'll never get a real girl;)

Owned-Adam called tonight,   before he called my cam line I made him send a $20 tribute  just for being a loser cock sucker.

Loser Jim was back tonight...I think the last time I mentioned him was when he finally went through with it and turned into a full on faggot.  Jim's had a busy week sucking cock 4 times.  He gave me his cell phone #  so I can set up a listing on Craigs list for him... anyone in the Denver area looking for a good cock sucker with a great ass....Jim's waiting to be pimped out;)    I also sent him a $25 pay-to-view mail so his girlfriend can pay for me to get my nails done tomorrow;)
I had a new caller on Keen tonight..."Jim"  arranged a call and had to wait about an hour because I was busy on NiteFlirt calls, but when he called he told me he moved in with a roommate he met online... she joking(but not really) said  stay out of my room, there's a camera in there and I don't  want to catch you jerking off on my bed!  ;) ;)   well that got him going and he couldn't wait to get in there... right away he grabbed her dirty panties and started jerking off with them while sucking on her dildo.  

Taking a break from all the cock sucking losers.....   Mikey called my cam line and we had another fun hour long call:)

but  soon after that  my bitch Chris called wanting to serve me...  he'd do anything I said...  worshipping my feet, being my little cum slut clean up boy and wanting to be whored out while I collected the $$$.

Pathetically-Desperate-Loser called...  he's so desperate for a girl... I said why, because your dick's so little?... he said no, they never get that far...  it's because he's an ugly pathetic loser.    He said he wished he could  make money while getting to listen to women get off...  I said  - oh you mean like me???  Well the first problem is you have t be good looking... and we already know you're an ugly loser.... and 2nd... you'll have to make gay listings because that's only way you'll make any money.     and at the same time we both said he should make some gay listings on NiteFlirt... and send me all the $$$ he makes:)  what a great idea;)
Before the call ended  he said...  wow what happened to you?...when I first called you     you were so sweet and shy and innocent...
-I said well I guess a few years of  guys calling begging me to humiliate their small penis changes a girl! lol  but hey!! I'm still sweet!!
he said yes you are, but I guess you have to go where the money is....

now it is true...  I make a lot of money off of my little dick cock sucking money slaves, and 4 years ago when someone called and asked me to humiliate them... I'm sure I said something like... 
omg I can't be mean to you, I'll feel bad!!!.         But  Now....I enjoy those calls the most!! lol

Loser Mike from Chicago bought me a necklace from my wishlist to make up for the lame tribute he sent yesterday.  
"wow"  called tonight for some more cbt... like a good pain slut he had his toolbox ready :)

Lil dick Tankmech sent a $50 tribute tonight....  I had to explain to him that the reason I barely talk to him when he IM's me is because I usually have a lot  of IM's from callers trying to set up calls and... THE ONLY WAY TO GET MY ATTENTION IS TO PAY ME!!!!!! 



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