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I really appreciate all your great feedback:)
To leave feedback for our past calls and pay mails 
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Sex1/24/2008jack7925 starsGreat....... 
Sex1/23/2008peterpetiepete5 starsLuscious! 
Other1/23/2008mikemjd245 starsDonna is so sweet and sexy, thanks for another great call!  
Mistresses1/23/2008owned by the goddess5 starsMistress is truly amazing. It is an honor to be under her thumb. 
Foot and Shoe1/23/2008jack7925 stars 
Financial Domination1/22/2008zacmac660465 stars 
Fem Dommes1/22/2008sexadictjcb5 starsMistress will take all that you have, make you well aware of what she is doing as she does it and then wil discard you like a rag.....till it is time to drain you again. It is a never ending cycle. 
Financial Domination1/22/2008billloooser5 starsI can't stay away from beautiful Goddess Donna, she has be hiding at work stroking under the desk while she takes more and more of my(HER) money!  
Financial Domination1/22/2008billloooser5 starsI can't resist Goddess Donna, she has me stroking under my desk at work and opening all her PAY-TO-VIEW emails! 
Financial Domination1/22/2008billloooser5 starsDonna used me and my wallet, that was the best 3-some a loser like could ever have! 

Financial Domination1/22/2008peter19735 stars 
Anything Goes1/21/2008tonyj1065 starsmiss was very nice and all on the phone.... she teased me on the when i could cum and how fast and slow to stroke it was very good at waht does has a sexy lil giggle and can get dirty :) miss i thank you and look forward to another time 
Fem Dommes1/21/2008Stogart5 starsHoly shit!!! She is fabulous! Drop your pants and call her now! 
Other1/20/2008mikemjd245 starsabsolutly amazing. a must call thank u sexy  
Fem Dommes1/20/2008BIGDADDY56465 starsfirst time i ever called her and she gave me a heeluva call. thank you bella..