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Loser Mike from Chicago emailed me a poem he wrote for me today... lol...

LM:  i check the live journal every day
LM: hoping you mention me-how much of a loser i am-----married to fatty, my 6 inch pencil dick, and spend all my money on you
LM: you probably stroke my cock with two fingers
LM:  crayon like
LM: ill have to take a picture of it and have you post it, so everyone can laugh at it

LM: ill have to write a poem for you, so you can really call me a loser
LM: it will be titled '' beauty and the beat off loser""
LM: ill work it tonite, while im bed, my wife will be thinking it is for her for valentine day, but will be for my one and only beauty

LM: why is that iam completly hypnotised by you?

LM: i think about you, dream about you, get so mad when i cant hear your voice
LM:  i cant cum without hearing your voice anymore, havent fucked fatty already 24th of the month, hopefully i can go the whole month

LM:   im such a fucking loser
LM: i like amusing you, that my role in life, with my pencil dick

bl.jpg picture by belladaisy27