belladaisy22xo (belladaisy22xo) wrote,

I  had a new "caller" contact me tonight (actually we only spoke through pay-to-view mails...
After he bought one of my picture sets from my listings he emailed me...

Bella...Tonight I took the baby step toward your lair. It was just a couple of cleavage shots, no big deal. Except it was a big deal. Those pics are laughing at me, saying, "C'mon, big boy. Come get a little more!"  I have read your feedback and I know how wonderful a web you weave. I also know the power of P2v's.You are awesome. Now I must do my best to resist. You know better,of course. -bo

So I replied with a 
$5. pay-to-view: 
2nd Step....
C'mon, big boy. Come get a little more
-you still have more of my sexy pics to open ;)  I know you want to see more...

Bo:  LOL...Only Phillie fans can be so devious!  You have been at this game too long for me. Besides I have no surprise moves. My little brain gives me away.  Go ahead, give me your second best shot...the way this is going, you won't have to use your first. -bo

$5 pay-to-view: 3rd step...
we both know I ....
don't have to try at all!!   you're naturally drawn to me...  no matter how hard you try, your little dick can't say no!

Why is the truth so humbling? Yet the pleasure of being the fly in the "Daisy Fly Trap," is undeniable. Well, he says, it is only a little step three. No harm done in venturing this far, Right? Besides it is beginning to feel so good.

I didn't email him back... instead I signed off line for an hour and when I came back I saw he went down my listing and bought all the pics and videos....

$5 pay-to-view:  LOL The Daisy FLy Trap...
I noticed you bought all my pics and videos:)

Yep...So you were looking over my shoulder.  Well, last night's event was an orgasmic blast for me. You are a mistress of this fetish! I, on the other hand am too weak to play with fire. So, I need to walk, no run, away or it will lead to my demise. I am a Christian and serving my lusts at such a level is very tempting, but also is in direct contradiction to the gift I have received from my Lord.  You are terrific, BellaDaisy of the Daisy Fly Trap, and I wish you well!
So long, dynamite!  :>)


Loser Neal was back for another cam call....  I made him  send a $50 tribute during our call
$50 Tribute 
Subject: Blue balls
stroking my little dick for perfect Princess Donna

he's such a good loser....always knows his place:)

Before tankmech called he sent a $50 Tribute:
Please feel free to be mean to me please you are a goddess and i deserve to be treated like that.

yc-Kurt called my cam line last night for some tease and denial... he asked me to put on my Hooters shirt, but I said NO.  (well loser - there's your denial part;)
He wouldn't give up though, begging to see me in it... he offered to call back and pay $7./min.
Normally I don't do outfit changes, but he was smart enough to know he had to pay more to see me in that tank top.  I said.... ok so you want to pay $7/min eventhough you know I'm not going to dance around and model it for you?  He said - ok, but what are you going to do?...
I said I'm going to get you all worked up and take your money...and I'll THINK about letting you cum.
So I raised the rate and he called back...  after only a couple minutes into the call he was dying for release...  yea, not quite loser, you just got here!  But after making him stay right on the edge and teasing the hell out of him for about 10 minutes...I let him go;)

The "FORMER" Property of Mistress Elizabeth now "Donna's Ass Boy" called back last night.  For whatever reason Mistress Elizabeth released him and sent him off to be humiliated by some of her college friends.  They "literally" walked all over him in their high heels and made him jerk it for while they all laughed at him.

I forgot to mention a new caller on my cam line that I had over the weekend..  I'll call him Dr. Ryan-the money pig.  Is he really a doctor like he says?  I don't know, he definitely works in a hospital from the recording I kept hearing every time he put me on hold to answer his pages.  He was a very good mney pig though, staying on the phone for 70 minutes until he had to go check on a patient.  A little later he was back and I made him send a $30 tribute for making me wait.  We ended up talking for another half hour after that. Like so many of my callers he said he's going to try and stay away... I give it 2 weeks before calls back ;)



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