belladaisy22xo (belladaisy22xo) wrote,

"Lozer" called last night ...after calling my recordings about 9 months ago, he finally got the balls to call me.
After only talking for a minute or 2 we were disconnected...  Right away Lozer sent me a $10 tribute, then called back.
While on the phone I had him pay my $30 Pedicure Tribute and a lil later my $50 "Night out with the girls Tribute.  After keeping him on the phone for over an hour I decided to let him go, but first reminded him that I Own his cock and he can't touch it without permission.  He now has to root for the Phillies instead of the Mets and has to wear a Phillies tshirt when he goes to the games.  He said he's used to jerking it every day, but I told him he isn't allowed to call again until Wednesday.  After the call ended he sent me a tribute for
$26.27 (emptying his account:)      

I signed on this morning and saw he sent me two emails:

thank You Princess for allowing me to even speak to You last night.  i after i spoke with You, i could barely even sleep.  i would wake up 5 or 6 times through out the night, with You fresh on my mind.  i hope that i can learn to serve You in the manner that You deserve.  i know my status.  a loser.  a worthless piece of shit.  the most pathetic person alive.
i can hardly wait to be put on a schedule.  that is all i keep thinking about.  i can barely wait to speak with You again on wednesday.
thank You again Princess.
Your lozer.
ps - i look forward to rooting on the Phillies to win back-to-back division titles over the loser mets


hello Princess Donna,
i know that You told me to call You on Wednesday, but i was wondering if i might possibly be able to speak with You again sometime tonight.  i can't get You out of my head.

Assholefaggot was back tonight... it's been a long while since I heard from him.  He wasn't able to call, but wanted to serve me through pay-to-view emails. 

AF:  i miss Your humiliation and exploitation very much
i was just being careful with money, so i did not contact......
but, i have finally succumbed and would like to serve You always!!!
i will love my niteflirt name as well as my real name exposed on Your BLOG!!
i wish to be humiliated and exposed in front of the whole world
i loved what You wrote about me last time

-ok,  well then loser... you do know you have to pay for my time and attention ???

oh yes oh yes Mistress......
i am such a loser
i will always have to pay You to get Your attention

I told him to start by sending me a $30 Tribute...
Dear BellaDaisy22,

asshholefaaggot has sent you a Tribute in the amount of $30.00.
Here's what asshholefaaggot has to say:

its so so much fun to be financially screwed by You, this way Goddess Donna!! i am a total fucking loser!! 

So I sent him a $50 pay-to-view:  S
ince $30 felt so good...
-$50 should make you feel REALLY good you piece of shit loser!

oh yes yes yes Mistress......$50/-- is making me feel really really good!!!! as $30/- felt so good!!! its so good to lose $30 and then $50 now!!! i am such a fucking loser!!!
money slave asshholefaaggot

-so what are you doing now loser?

AF:  i am sorry i touched myself Mistress
i will not touch myself without Youtr permission Mistress
i wish to be Your money slave cuckold

$100 pay-to-view: 
PERMISSION FAGGOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ask first loser! 

AF:  i am so so sorry for being such an idiot, Mistress
my only job here today, is to open all Your emails and send You all my money!!!!
i screwed myself so much!!!!
i love it very much!!!
thanks very much for makingme a total fucking retarded idiot
thanks very much for taking all my money and making me pennilesss!!

$50 pay-to-view: S
uch a stupid loser
I want to take it all....
completely ruin you!

AF:  i am such an idiot made by You
You fuck me up very very nicely!!!
You fuck my ass so so royally!!
being screwd by so much money is so so good
i am so addicted to giving You money and having Your fuck my ass

$100 pay-to-view: 
in the whole wide world????
You are!!  asshole!!

AF:  i opened it and lost another 100 dollars
it feels so good to be the biggest loser in the whole world
it feels so good to give You money over and over
and get fucked by You over and over

$100 pay-to-view:
I want everything!!
I'm going to take it all and tell the world!!!
let everyone know what a fucking loser you are! 

After opening that last $100 email  he sent me all his personal info... name, address, phone # etc and begged me to post it on here. 

1HotBoy called to check in and send a $60 Tribute:) 

Peker called tonight....  he's been calling me for years and finally tonight talked about all his fantasies...we had a fun hour long call:)

**You know I love reading all your great feedback:)  Thanks :)
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Sex1/29/2008peker5 stars 
Mistresses1/27/2008poonman555 starsabsolutely incredible, beware guys, shes insanely sexy and definitely knows how to use it to her advantage. I can't help but submit and do what she says...very very dangerous!! 
Fem Dommes1/29/2008asshholefaaggot5 starsi opened it and lost another 100 dollars!! it feels so good to be the biggest loser in the whole world!! 
Financial Domination1/29/2008asshholefaaggot5 starsits so so much fun to be financially screwed by You, this way Goddess Donna!! i am a total fucking loser!!  
Financial Domination1/28/2008lozer4u5 starsthank You Princess for allowing me to tribute You. 
Financial Domination1/28/2008lozer4u5 starsthank You Princess for giving me the opportunity to pay for Your pedicure. 
Fem Dommes1/28/2008lozer4u5 starsspeaking to Princess was one of the best experiences i have ever had. i can hardly wait to speak to Her again. 
Anything Goes1/28/2008jasonk20075 stars 
Sex1/28/2008jack7925 starsNice, but thinks I sound Australian...hrmph....! 
Fem Dommes1/28/2008Stogart5 starsAwesome! 

Mistresses1/28/2008bradford165 starsamazing, as always!!! 
Sex1/27/2008Kevypa5 stars 
Anything Goes1/27/2008starkat5 starsDonna is the BEST I loved every minute of talking to her. 
Mistresses1/27/2008One Hot Boy5 starsThe subtle sexy "treats" this beauty affords horny boys with nice wallets, on her cam,.. are very very titillating and captivating. This Princess basks in her glory at our weakness. You can tell, she derives great pleasure from her "work", if you want to call it that!! LOL 
Anything Goes1/24/2008One Hot Boy5 starsThis Juicy breasted mama-Cito can cuckhold me any-fucking-time! 
Financial Domination1/21/2008dawg1015 stars 
Other1/26/2008rhino5544 starsGreat giggle. Made me feel very small. 
Foot and Shoe1/23/2008rayfls5 starsGreat as usual... 
Fem Dommes1/25/2008mikemjd245 starsDonna is the best on NiteFlirt! I can't stop calling this beautiful Italian Princess! 
Financial Domination12/23/2007sissytim5 starsSo So Hot 

Financial Domination1/25/2008sissytim5 starsThe best ever! 
Sex1/24/2008One Hot Boy5 starsMy Princess Loves a good Hard guy!! Guys- give Italian Donna a try! Please! I know she'll do ya up real nice!! She makes me beg and pay her for all her juicy details of how you guys titillate and amuse her. Some of you can really hit homeruns, but only begging paying pussyboy slaves get to share on her inner secrets!!  
Sex1/24/2008One Hot Boy5 starsMy Princess just told me about some of you guys! You new callers that appear every now and then---you'll never know how my Princess LOVES sexy callers with Money and sparetime!!! She'll work ya over but GOOD! and you'll love her for it!!

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