belladaisy22xo (belladaisy22xo) wrote,

Addicted to Bella  Lek called...  he's been calling more often lately...he used to be able to go months at a time without calling... but now he can't go more than 2 weeks without an hour long BellaDaisy fix :)

Tankmech sent me an email:
  hello goddess i cant stop thinking about what you said and i cant stop jacking off to it you are truly right about me im a loser i just wish i could serve you more!!

So I sent him another $40 pay-to-view telling him what I thought of him...
he replied:
your email was absolutely right goddess im tired of pretending im something else.
 i truly belong on the ground serving you thank you for making me pay for the email to realize what i really am.

I replied with another pay-to-view...
thank you goddess for letting me pay to see what i actually am. You are truly a goddess and i cant stop jacking off to the things you say to me. Then i look down and realize im nothing down there either.  im pathetic and i deserve to be treated mean.

MikeyD sent me a $20 tribute asking to be humiliated through email.  He deleted his account after the last time we talked, but is back again.

ive been off nf for a while and this is a new account. who am i kidding though? i cant stay away. women in the real world don't want to talk to me.

$20 pay-to-view:
-only if you pay them;) ;)

  maybe ill start doing this in real life, go up to pretty girls.. "ill give you a hundred bucks to talk to me for a few mins so i then can run home and jerk off thinking about it"
they'd be freaked out though, not everyone is as good as you are to your little boys.
its not easy being rejected sexually by pretty much everyone you've ever met

well you'll have to learn to accept that fact that you're a loser

i think i know what girls must think of the friend types

-oh yes... I have a lot of guy friends who will never be anything more than that no matter how hard they try.

and every once in a while do they slip in the really lame profession of love?

-one of my friends jokingly said they should all get together and form a support group about being hopelessly in love with Donna.  they'll always be stuck in the "just friends" category.

its so humiliating

$30 pay-to-view: and know what else is??
-you have to pay to talk to me! loser!

MD: a good friend.
i remember when i was like 13 or so and one of my first female friends needed money for something and she just like put her leg over me and asked for it and i gave her everything i had in my pocket.

-wow a loser so young.

from young loser to old virgin.

-how old are you?


-think you'll make it to 30?

i hope not.  well every year since i was like 16, ive been saying i refuse to get to another birthday and i always do...

MD: Princess Donna, can i touch my cock?

$20 pay-to-view:
sure, go ahead, no one else will;)
no cumming without permission!

thank you.  i wont. i know the rules.

MD: so does every one of my female friends know how furiously i play with my little dick while i think about them?

-oooh yes I'm sure!

its funny, i have this one friend that whenever we do anything one of the first 3 sentences out of her mouth is "this is not a date"

MD: can i join the Hopelessly In Love with Donna Loser Friend Club?

$40 pay-to-view: Well...
it's a huge group, but I'm sure if you pay enough, there's room for 1 more;)

thank you Princess!   my dick is so hard right now, i cant take it.  I jerk off 3 times a day, but talking to you, I just can't take it.

$30 pay-to-view: 3 times a day!
that poor little dick...
is getting such a workout!!

part of me thought it was going to be a cum fee, i was excited there for a second.

-no silly, CUM FEES are much more expensive and I'm having fun teasing you.

as long as you're having fun, that's all that matters Princess.

-I feel bad for the girl who's your first... you won't even last a minute!

ugh, its going to be so embarrassing.  should i tell her?  would it be oddly cute?

- you should tell her -- so she's prepared for a let down.

ok, should i tell her the girl that dominates me on the phone and webcam told me to warn her?

-yes, then watch her run away.  lol

$50 pay-to-view: I'm still laughing..
at the fact that you ....
have to jerk off 3 times a day....   WOW  loser!!!  WOW!
I hope you use some kind of lube --
that poor little dick  never gets a break from your loser grip!

we have to jerk off a lot though, because we're never really satisfied.
im proud of myself that ive been able to stroke this long.

-I mean... you're still a loser who wouldn't last more than 30 seconds if you ever got the chance to be with me.... but you're doing good so far.

  if i talked to you in real life, id nut in my pants.

-I was out at a club with friends one night and one of my guy friends asked me to dance...
 and halfway through the song he made a mess in his pants.  What a loser!  He'll never hear the end of it... our friends will never let him live that down.

  im actually really jealous of him. lol thats more than ill ever get.
i mean an orgasm caused physically by Donna's ass?  what could be better?

$50 pay-to-view:  An orgasm
cause by Donna's Ass...
lol that was funny loser....  and you're right... you'll never know how good it feels!!! hahahahaaaa

  i like that Ass is capitalized as it should be.
forgive me for asking but now i have to... there doesn't exist an "actually get to see donna's ass on cam" paid mail, does there?

$50 pay-to-view mail: Never say never...
Today could be your lucky day loser!!!!!
Unfortunately for you....
IT ISN'T !!!!

i thought it was my lucky day, i thought i was going to get to worship an ass or to cum.

-easy there loser.... you haven't earned it.

  its getting harder to stroke, you've driven me so insane i can barely type.

-slow down then
because if you cum without permission....
you're out of the club lol

im not going to i promise, but i want to so bad.   i cant help but think about how good its gonna feel.

-what ? when I let you finally cum ?

lets get me back into my element to take my mind off it...
so female friend what are you up to this weekend?

-well ...
tomorrow night I'm going out for "girls night out" (boyfriends and husbands have to stay home;)
15 of us are going to Hibachi for dinner, then out to a club.

you plan on meeting guys at the club?

- I'm sure we'll get hit on.  When I'm not in the mood to be hit on a lot... I wear a big fake engagement ring... but that only stops about half of them lol

LOL, wanna do a little roleplay?
can i be the platonic friend who's coming out to the club and begging for sex?


so can i tag along to the club with the girls tomorrow night?

-I guess so... you can't come to dinner.. but you can meet up with us after at the club.

are you sure you dont want to dinner just us two? we'll go somewhere really nice.

- no thanks, it's GIRLS Night out!

ok so should i just call you when i get there or should i wait outside by myself?
 how should we do this?
-well since I'm sure you're going to pay... you can wait for me outside.
MD: wouldn't you rather just relax with me at the table and get a bottle than be on the dance floor with all the guys?
$60 pay-to-view: Tagging Along Friend..
-you can buy a bottle and pay my entrance to the club :)
it's so cute how you're begging me to hang out with you :)
no, you know I love to dance
but you can still buy a bottle for us.
MD: please donna hang out with me instead?
i adore you, those other assholes don't.
please, you know how much i love you. dont make me watch you dance with other guys.
-but I love dancing
MD: would you dance with me?
MD: do you think maybe we can fool around a little too?
- lol stop being silly, you're know we're good friends!!!
MD:  please donna, i dont want to be good friends
i want to have sex
i love you so much
please give me a chance
$50 pay-to-view: More than
-just friends???
NO LOSER!!! -- that's all you'll ever be...  a "friend"  -- and not even a friend with benefits!!  hahahahaahhaaaaa
MD: please Donna, I'm still a virgin.  even if i get on my knees and beg?

- omg now you're getting pathetic.

MD:  i just love you so much
i want to do anything for you

-((loser)) are still stroking it for me?
MD:  yes i am
im trying, im very close to the edge, but im doing a good job.
please let me cum.
$60 Pay-to-view mail: Ready to..
cum for me Loser..?
- bet you are....  but... NO not yet...  keep stroking loser!!
MD:  do you want me to call and beg eventually? i cant be that loud or that descriptive but i can say please and stuff.  please let me cum soon. i cant take it.  ive been a good boy.  please can i call and beg?   i want to cum for you.
-ok loser you can call.
While on the phone begging like a little bitch... I finally let him pay a
$100. pay-to-view : CUM FEE!

Bitchboy Sam called while driving to work...he needed me to remind him what a good cock sucker he can be.

1HotBoy called a couple times begging for permission to cum, but I'm making him wait:)

Sissy Elaine called for an hour...he may be 81 (yes 81)  years old, but he's still a dirty old cock sucking whore.  He loves dressing up in little shirts, and nylon slips to show off his legs.

Mikey called for a half hour cam call.

Lozer, the 30 year old virgin called for more humiliation, this time he called on his knees because he knows where he belongs.  Even though I told him he couldn't call back till Wed, he emailed me asking permission to call on Tues.  I told him he could, but he didn't call till Thursday...he said it's cause he's been working late, but since he didn't email me to let me know - he had to pay a $70 (Pay for My night out with the girls) Tribute. A little while later I made him pay a $30 (Pay for My pedicure) Tribute.  I did give him a little break from kneeling though when I made him hump his pillow like a good loser:)

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