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Saturday night I had a great time out with 15 of my girl friends...  dinner at  Hibachi (Japanese restaurant) then out to a club till 2am.  I drank a bit too much since our night out started early and was going to go right to bed, but I saw 1 HotBoy arranged a call.  
1HotBoy, always the loyal pussy boy...wanted to pay the bill from dinner,  
15 girls = $535.  !!!     Thanks HB;)

Sunday, feeling a bit hungover from the night before I decided to stay home and turn on NiteFlirt...I didn't think I'd be busy because of the Super Bowl, but surprisingly I had a lot of calls....

Tank opened another pay mail, we're now up to $50 pay-to-views....
tank:   its only about 4 and a half goddess when its fully hard, but its pretty skinny around. I would love to amuse you in any way goddess and would love to wear what you would want me to and do what you would ask of me please give me something to do for your amusement goddess.
 i would love to be your cuckold goddess.
Lek...(aka - Addicted to Bella) saw the journal entry I wrote about him from his previous call and automatically had to call right away.  As I said a few days ago - he used to be able to go months without calling, then it was about a week or 2, now he can't go more than a few days without his BellaDaisy fix!  He's helpless around me, there's nothing he can do to stop it.... he said he feels like he's losing his mind.....     
-No silly, you did't lose it... I have it right here;)  Now go add more money to your account!

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