belladaisy22xo (belladaisy22xo) wrote,

 I sent Tank another $50 pay-to-view mail:
he replied...
thank you goddess yet again for alowing me to pay to see what you think of my dick. I would love to be your cuck, i think about that all the time. I would do anything to amuse you and yes it very humiliating but i have thought about wearing panties and being a cockscuking whore.
i cant stop jacking off to what you say.

I sent "jt" and email last night....
$10 pay-to-view:-- Hey jt ---
I was just thinking about you and realized you need....
to be used AGAIN....  Over and Over AGAIN!   and I'm the Perfect Princess to do it!
he opened it, but didn't I sent a
$20 pay-to-view: you know...
it's more fun when you respond to My emails after you open them!
...  I'll still enjoy using you either way....  
jt: im just a little nervous to how bad you'll use me

$30 pay-to-view: don't be nervous silly!
we both know you NEED to be used:)

jt: I do but you use me so hard and I can't stop once I see your feet
$50 pay-to-view: My Pretty Feet.....
I bet the thought of seeing them would REALLY  turn you on ;)  
hmmm...maybe I should send some pics
jt: it would send me over the edge you are so sexy

$70 pay-to-view: pics of My Feet for you...
are you stroking it right now thinking of My Feet jt?
I can take some for you...  what is your favorite part ? Seeing them in sexy stilettos? Barefoot? The beautiful arch, or my soft soles?

jt: god you are fucking me up i can't believe how much you are taking from me.  I love to see your feet in stilettos
I sent another pay to view, but after 5 minutes he didn't I sent:
-I just took new pics if sexy black strappy stilettos....  don't  you want them?
jt: oh yes please
$100 pay-to-view: * PICS * I just took 2 pics with a note for you jt...
keep stroking.... NO cumming without Permission!
*Have I told you lately....  how much I love using you??:) 
Picture97.jpg picture by belladaisy27  Picture95.jpg picture by belladaisy27
jt: OMG that is so sexy  it makes me forget how bad you are fucking my wallet up right now.  I want to worship your feet so bad i am about to explode
$70 pay-to-view: My pics get you so worked up...
I know just what you need now....
to be used OVER AND OVER again by ME!!!!!  Keep stroking ...
you still haven't asked permission to cum jt;)
jt: you are so ruthless I am almost completely out of money I don't know what I am going to do until next week.  May I please cum you fucked me over so bad today

$100 pay-to-view: Ruthless.... mmm I LOVE that word:)
 **Cum Fee**
((but he didn't have enough to open it))
jt: Im sorry I don't have enough money.  I know I will not be able to cum I will try to get some tonight so I will be able to cum
-Yes you'll have to work on getting more $$ into your account... until then it's BLUE BALLS for you!  lol

i don't know why but I get so turned on when you treat me like a loser

$20 pay-to-view: I have the
"i don't know why but I get so turned on when you treat me like a loser"
** Because you Are a fucking loser who Needs to be used over and over again!!  Lucky for you... I LOVE DOING IT!   Oh and a lil reminder.... NO CUMMING TILL YOU PAY YOUR CUM FEE!! Hahahhahahaaaa  loser!                    * BLUE BALLS *
$10 pay-to-view: you do realize...
that you're...
now even farther from paying that CUM FEE!  lolollll   hahahhaaa  loser!

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