belladaisy22xo (belladaisy22xo) wrote,

Friday night started out kinda slow, but 1HotBoy was there to call and send tributes to get my night going:)  
He always knows how to get his Princess smiling;)

I ended up having a really busy night, thank you to everyone who arranged calls and waited to talk:)

My English loser  is back again tonight for a 2 hour call...  a lot of you noticed I took down his pics and gf's email address...
he sent me a $270 Tribute to put them back up.  What a loser LOL

sox/Loser Mark opened a couple pay-to-view emails from me, but he didn't reply, so I sent him a 
$25 Pay-to-view:  I expect you to...
-reply to me emails after you read them loser!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

sox/LM:  ouch expensive reminder.  sorry Goddess

-well now you won't let it happen again I'm sure ;)

$25 pay-to-view: A Friendly Reminder...
for you cock sucker...
 Don't forget.....

sox/LM: of course i have to look at the one that comes with cum flavored lube. haha
  big time loser, and i am already looking for refills because with my craving for sucking cock for You i know that it will  not  be enough!  

Mikey called for a fun hour and a half cam call.

Then Domper called my cam line needing some tease and denial which is always a lot fun:)
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